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Thank you to all of those that were able to join us for the 2015 MM&M Transforming Healthcare conference. 


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We look forward to seeing you all at future MM&M events!


What does going "beyond the pill" actually mean? At MM&M's recent inaugural spring conference, audience members heard from real-world companies that are managing the organizational, technological, and promotional challenges inherent in this transition, such as partnering with health neophytes, harnessing technologies that allow deeper engagement with patients, and adopting a new commercial mindset to serve, not sell. Download here.

Key Topics to be Discussed:

  • How to leverage emerging technology within a big enterprise, and turn it into a function that operates consistently and at scale

  • Navigating internal

  • Harnessing health economics and outcomes research to prove the value of medicines

  • How government has been innovative in areas that classify as "beyond the pill" in ways pharma hasn't

  • Regulatory: is there a way to reconcile FDA approval times with medical device innovation?

  • A field guide to making a device-tech pairing 

  • What is a business model and how do you sell it to industry?

  • "Intelligent Connections": Bridging the chasm between healthcare startups and pharma marketers

  • Panel: Inter-generational CEO summit: Leaders of established and new health-tech firms compare notes

Who should attend?

  • Seasoned innovation experts at the corporate and brand level within biopharma and device firms

  • Those on the path to innovating within their organizations

  • CEOs of health startups and tech firms

  • Representatives from insurers/PBMs who would benefit from data sharing partnerships with pharma 

  • Representatives of venture capital firms

  • CIOs and health information technology professionals within biopharma 

  • Regulatory and compliance officers

  • Anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how pharma can and is layering services on top of      its products to go "beyond the pill"

5 Reasons to Attend:

1. One of the most unique gatherings of beyond-the-pill case studies and expertise ever assembled

2. Identifies activity at the early stages of market shifts to help plan your strategic innovation agenda

3. The opportunity to learn from healthcare transformers sharing successes and failures

4. A platform for pharma marketers to meet and evaluate potential partners 

5. Structured to provide plenty of time to collaborate and share ideas