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The Changing Landscape of Branding Pharmaceutical Assets

In this whitepaper, we focus on the practice of naming an asset and how this process has evolved over the years. By focusing on just the naming, we're able to break down some of the more complicated aspects of branding an asset and the changing regulatory landscape's implications on naming.

Reach the "four Ps" with fifth: Pervasiveness

Let's talk new tactics for marketing for engaging Providers, Payers, and Patients and Professionals.

Digital is the new frontier; personalized, multi-channel approaches for promoting your brand, with the goal of targeting all of the "three P's" of healthcare: providers, payers, and patients. But how do you accomplish this without creating yet another "P" - Pain?


Capitalizing on Virtual Environments in a Rapidly Changing Pharmaceutical Marketplace

The Digital Pharma Revolution has not only arrived, it's thriving! Today's leading pharmacos are adopting virtual environments as part of their training and marketing strategies. Virtual environments provide a rich, interactive online space conducive to learning, collaborating and networking. Discover how this powerful new channel has helped Pharma brand managers, trainers, physicians and KOLs alike. Download this whitepaper and sharpen your digital Pharma strategy for 2014!


Shift Left: Quality Assurance Best Practices In Digital Marketing

Quality assurance is not just finding bugs in the code.

It's having QA present every step of a project. Shift Left: Quality Assurance Best Practices offers theories and principles designed to foster a strong, beginning-to-end QA mind-set you can adapt to your processes.

Abelson Taylor/GA Communications Group

Best Practices in Digital Journal App Advertising

Tablets are revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals access clinical content. Learn how digital journals are leveraging interactive learning to enhance reader experience and usage. Discover the unique advantages of journal in-app advertising. Explore practical tips and case examples that maximize the impact of multimedia content and create meaningful brand experiences.


Point of Sale Solution for RX Abandonment

TrialCardĀ® launched RxSaver to offer a pharmacist-delivered solution for prescription abandonment at the point of sale. Pharmacists in the RxSaver network have the opportunity to offer a patient benefit to patients at risk for abandonment due to out-of-pocket costs.

Learn more about the solution that rescued 1 in 5 "at-risk" prescriptions.


Reprints at the Dawn of the 'Sunshine Act'

Medical journal article reprints provide health care professionals credible clinical evidence that a product works. Read about the new reprint regulations emerging from the Sunshine Act. Learn about newer ePrint formats and discover new distribution channels to get the right article to the right prescriber at the right time.


Healthy Expectations: Moving Marketing From Expectation to Action

Healthy Expectations: Delivering Patient Engagement In Action Patient expectation management is a critical component for solving many life science marketing challenges, and driving patient engagement. Marketers can move from expectation to action by making a greater commitment to expectation identification, management, and optimization. Download this white paper to start transforming your level of patient engagement.