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The New Healthcare Hub: The Pharmacy's Role in Patient Engagement and Adherence

Pharmacies are undergoing a remarkable transformation, and in
the process are emerging as a central resource for healthcare products and services. Marketers must learn to embrace this opportunity and work with the pharmacy sector in order to engage with patients at the moment they are making informed care decisions.  In this white paper from Rx EDGE, marketers will learn how to:
  • Support brand goals to deliver more targeted and effective messages to patients at a lower cost
  • Put in-depth, high-quality information where patients can easily see it at the moment they make treatment decisions
  • Take advantage of the pharmacy's many new services to better engage with patients

This white paper pulls together insights to answer the question "Have IDNs reached a tipping point?" and
 demonstrates why IDNs have in fact grown in importance and now require greater attention from manufacturers. The insights are based on secondary data as well as a year of in-depth market research conducted by Zitter Health Insights in support of their suite of IDN products and services. Leveraging ZHI's extensive IDN research, they outline how IDNs can alter drug market share and, critically, how pharma can improve interactions with IDNs. 

When prescribers are selecting drug therapy, they actively consider 

patients' ability to pay. This white paper from the ConnectiveRx White Paper Collection includes a discussion about "wrap-around prescriber messaging," the combination of targeted communications with copay programs to augment copay program success. You will learn how utilizing strategically placed messaging, including in-EHR and post-redemption, can increase prescribers' access to and knowledge of current offers. You will discover how wrap-around messaging can boost prescribers' confidence in prescribing their brand of choice, which may have an impact
on prescribing behaviors. 

Boost field IQ to increase pharmaceutical sales X

A top 10 pharmaceutical company wanted to focus on enhancing field intelligence to get a better picture of the local landscape and key players. With advanced data and analytics they were able to see relationships between providers that weren't evident before, allowing them to target teams versus individuals. Increase your market IQ with multi-faceted insights into patient care teams and individual providers at the local level for a competitive advantage.

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The Chronic Illness Experience in Children & Adolescents

The latest White Paper from the health psychology experts at Atlantis Healthcare explores the unique challenges of helping children and teens better manage chronic illness. Learn about a multidisciplinary approach to designing interventions that targets needs of pediatric patients, their families and HCPs to deliver effective and engaging solutions.

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