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Time to Rethink HCP Digital Engagement

It's time to rethink your digital strategies when marketing to healthcare professionals (HCPs). Pharmaceutical marketers should consider moving away from the standard banner ad to take advantage of other creative tactics that result in a better digital engagement for a stronger return on investment.

Understanding Patient Access Barriers and Drivers to Guide Effective Strategy Development

Download this white paper to better understand the market specific factors that influence patient access to drug therapy. Understand the 6 phases of the patient access journey and how marketers can optimize access in each phase. Learn how the drivers and barriers vary by phase and therapeutic market .

Managing Content Across the Digital Supply Chain

The upsurge of digital media is causing global changes to the industry. Challenges with review and approval, compliance, speed to market, and rising costs drive the need for end-to-end commercial content management. Organizations must work faster and smarter when creating, distributing, and sharing content while ensuring compliance to regulatory bodies.

Untapped Goldmine for Healthcare Marketers: Generation X

GenXers make high-impact health decisions every day; however, most marketers overlook them. Connect with this cohort, though, and you'll engage a vital audience for health products and services that grows in influence and impact daily. This white paper shows how, and where, to connect with this vital audience.

Simplify Complex Global Transparency and Disclosure Needs

A leading pharmaceutical company was faced with the challenge of providing a single view across their enterprise to gain a greater understanding of the amount of money and resources being allocated across all business units. They found their answer in an end-to-end, configurable compliance data management and reporting solution.

The Chronic Illness Experience in Children & Adolescents

The latest White Paper from the health psychology experts at Atlantis Healthcare explores the unique challenges of helping children and teens better manage chronic illness. Learn about a multidisciplinary approach to designing interventions that targets needs of pediatric patients, their families and HCPs to deliver effective and engaging solutions.