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Micromarketing to Physicians in the Changing Medical Landscape

The constant evolution of the U.S. healthcare landscape requires pharmaceutical marketers to stay one step ahead of industry trends and behaviors which impact their ability to effectively and efficiently reach physicians. Recent developments, including a shift to performance-based medicine and vast improvements in information technology, have afforded marketers the opportunity to micro-target their audiences, including physicians, based on a number of criteria relevant to their behaviors and practice.

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Ad Measurement

If you're confused about mobile ad measurement, who could blame you? There is no shortage of attribution approaches and metrics, or companies claiming some new campaign measurement methodology, analytics or insight. Even with the latest algorithm and dashboard, at the end of the day, how do you know whether your mobile campaigns are really working?

The Gulf Between Them: The New Customer and Her Healthcare Partners

Although women make the majority of healthcare decisions, they don't have the tools, or the trusted partners, to make good ones. Healthcare providers, such as physicians, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies, have an overly optimistic impression of the work they do to build trust and confidence with women.

Market Facts Shaping Marketing Strategies

As sales teams feel the impact on market access, brand managers and marketers must create innovative tools to initiate value-based discussions and build value-based partnerships. Download CMR Institute's whitepaper, Market Facts Shaping Marketing Strategies, to enhance strategies that address specific market facts having the most impact on your brand's success.

The New Rules of HCP Engagement

The pharma landscape continues to evolve. The kind of information physicians need has not changed - it's the format, timing, and delivery of that information that have changed. In an era of plentiful digital opportunities, and an unprecedented amount of information to share with your target physicians, a new marketing mindset is needed. Learn the new rules of engagement.