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A Better Solution For Improving Your Brand's Vouchers and Co-Pay Assistance Program

When prescribing branded medications, physicians view vouchers and co-pay programs as a very high value offering to improve prescription first-fill rates and overall patient adherence. Yet many physicians are not aware of their availability outside of their ePrescribing workflow. This white paper discusses how integrating into copay promotion within EHR/ ePrescribing platforms can increase the reach, awareness and utilization of your co-pay program(s) while lowering your overall program costs.

A Plan For Provided Engagement: Improve Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness

Today, pharmaceutical brands are faced with two major growth challenges: reduced access to physicians and a limited sales team. In our latest article, pharma brands learn how to target their ideal prospects with effective, custom messaging through preferred and proven channels—thereby growing sales without expanding their team.

The Channels Are Changing

In this whitepaper, you will learn about recent pharmacy trends and what they mean for today's pharmaceutical markekets.It includes an overview of current engagement tactics and measurement methodologies and also evaluates the ways that pharmacy measures up against essential channel-selection criteria.

A Shareable Feast: Lessons From the Hemingway School of Content Marketing

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.
-Ernest Hemingway

Storytelling is at the heart of content marketing. The best stories include a strong opening, a clear problem to overcome, a theme worth sharing, and a satisfying resolution. They also have characters and context that can generate an emotional connection. In this regard, Hemingway is an unsurpassed guide for creating exceptional content.