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Survey: Do Women Trust Pharma? An Analysis and Roadmap for Change

When 94% of women describe themselves as healthcare decision makers but only 9% feel the biopharma industry is trustworthy, it's time for action. Pam Garfield with Patient Health Perspectives presents the results of its 2015 WEST Survey on Pharma: Women's Engagement, Satisfaction and Trust along with a plan to build trust among women.

Building Brand Value

By combining big data, behavioral science, flexible technology, and award-winning creative, HyperPointe™ created an Amazon-like personalized experience for a pharmaceutical company that changed patient behavior and generated $200 million in profit and a 12:1 ROI. Read our case study to learn how, and discover the 5 steps to create these game-changing experiences.

Marketing to Healthcare Organization Decision-Makers: New Survey Insights

To succeed in the dynamic environment of merging hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations, suppliers must understand these relationships inside-out, including the top concerns of key decision-makers. This whitepaper reveals results from a survey about how they make purchases, information they prefer from vendors, and more.

Managing a Global Online Presence In Med Device & Diagnostics

How are Global Medical Device Marketers Managing in an Increasingly Interconnected World?

Download this free report for insights into how marketers are dealing with evolving global market dynamics including the advancement of digital and social, strategy shifts as growth continues outside the U.S., and more.