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The Chronic Illness Experience in Children & Adolescents

The latest White Paper from the health psychology experts at Atlantis Healthcare explores the unique challenges of helping children and teens better manage chronic illness. Learn about a multidisciplinary approach to designing interventions that targets needs of pediatric patients, their families and HCPs to deliver effective and engaging solutions.

Darn It or DAM-IT: Managing Digital Assets in Life Sciences

Darn It or DAM-IT: Managing Digital Assets in Life Sciences looks into how life science marketers can manage an ever-complex regulatory landscape. Specifically, this paper delves into how OpenText's Marketing Content Management (MCM) solution brings process harmonization and control to developing promotional materials.

Why Social Media Should Matter to Pharmaceutical Marketers

Due to strict industry regulation, healthcare and pharmaceutical brands are noticeably reluctant to embrace social media as a way with connecting with patients. This e-guide will walk you through key roadblocks we've heard from pharmaceutical teams and offer advice on rethinking the role of social media in your marketing mix.

Uncover Market Intelligence from Medical Claims Data

Historically, many life science organizations have used prescription data and their own sales reports when targeting potential buyers. Both are problematic. Today there is an increasing need to turn to the most comprehensive source of patient data—the medical claim—to dive deeper into what's driving market share.