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Five things for pharma marketers to know: Friday, March 24, 2017
Lilly to invest $850 million in the U.S.; President Trump gives GOP leaders ultimatum on healthcare bill; Pfizer, Merck KGaA receive FDA approval for Bavencio
Drugmakers target severe asthma patients with biologics, but payers raise pricing issue
Biologics prompt asthma marketers to catch their collective breath as innovation has resulted in a rise of payer blockades and sky-high prices
Top 25 respiratory brands, by sales
While still the top-selling respiratory drug, GSK's Advair is facing growing competition from BI's Spiriva and Roche's Xolair.
Roundtable: How healthcare agencies can retain and attract A-list talent
Seven execs from A-list agencies weigh in on talent acquisition and retention.
What five different pharma marketing careers look like
Five highly placed insiders in a range of roles and therapeutic categories share secrets to their success and advice that served them well along the way.
Novartis aims to bring first oral asthma drug to market in two decades
An investigative agent in the Novartis asthma pipeline could give biologics a run for their money.
Low-T DTC ads linked with more testing — and more prescriptions
Researchers found that DTC advertising was associated with significant increases in testing and treatment for these drugs
Healthgrades' Eric Jensen on providing quality of life
Healthcare is sometimes about life or death, but is almost always about quality of life, says the EVP of health system products and strategy.
MM&M Startup Showdown connects startups with biopharma execs
This program is designed to enable entrepreneurs and biopharma marketers to engage in an intelligent way to explore beyond-the-pill partnerships.
Read the complete March 2017 digital edition
Here you'll find everything you need to know from MM&M's March 2017 issue, including our healthcare marketers trend report, our deep dive into orphan drugs, and more.
The 'i's have it for eye-care brand Xiidra
The Xiidra marketing team attempted to move away from the standard drug commercial to shine in a new market and challenge legacy techniques.
Study finds Repatha reduces risk of heart attack, stroke, but cost concerns remain
Amgen said it would offer payers a refund for patients who have a heart attack or stroke while taking the PCSK9 inhibitor.
The week in opinion
From SXSW: Learnings for Healthcare Marketers from the NYT and WWE
By Michael Leis, Digitas Health
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