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Five things for pharma marketers to know: Monday, May 22, 2017
Amgen's osteoporosis drug set back by safety issue; new FDA digital biz to hire 13 engineers; Celgene's MS drug bests Avonex in trial
Apple helps a blind drummer and nonverbal teen thrive in new spots
By Campaign staff
Siri and accessibility features take center stage in ads for Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
Expert Q&A: Getting patient centricity right
Five sector pros discuss adapting to patient-centricity and how pinpointing patient needs leads to success.

Latest Opinion
How to Shatter the Glass Ceiling
By Sander Flaum, Flaum Navigators
Healthcare marketing has a head start in grooming women leaders. But it's by no means a fait accompli.
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Combination Products: Enable Injections' Large-Volume Wearable Injector Solves the Problem of Biologics Delivery
By Michael D. Hooven, president & CEO of Enable Injections, Inc.

Enable Injections' on-body delivery devices allow your patients to self-administer high volume (up to 50 ml) and/or high viscosity therapeutics. Bring a new product to market, support lifecycle management (i.v. to s.c.; changes to dosing frequency), reduce overall healthcare costs (move from hospital to the home), increase product differentiation and innovate to improve the patient experience.

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