Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, December 30

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, December 30


NIH project for genome sequencing of newborns commences; remote care, next-gen. DNA sequencing top list of 2014 healthcare-market trends; WHO plans evaluation of contagious-disease response.

NIH tests second Ebola vax in humans

Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory developed the vaccine, which has been licensed to NewLink Genetics Corp.

Six new Parkinson's factors found

A National Institutes of Health-funded study of over 18,000 patients has identified six new genetic risk factors associated with Parkinson's Disease.

NIH: HPV test beats Pap for cancer assessment

HPV testing provides an edge over Pap screenings when it comes to detecting cervical cancer risk.

NIH wants gender trial parity

The National Institutes of Health wants female lab animals to be part of the animal testing mix.

Critics say NIH stung by budget proposal

Advocates say the National Institutes of Health is working with 22% less buying power than it had 11 years ago.

NIH database links genetics, medical info

The NIH says the information will help researchers find the genetic underpinnings of adult diseases.

Big Pharma puts $250M towards disease collaboration

Ten pharma companies will share money and biomarker research under an NIH collaboration.

NIH finds new bladder cancer targets

New research finds overlap with some forms of breast, lung, and head & neck cancers, as well as 32 recurring genetic mutations.

NIH goes social on Reddit

People asked, experts answered.

NIH revamps teen drug abuse website

Updates include responsive design and information in Spanish.

Shutdown dims lights at FDA, NIH and CDC

Shutdown dims lights at FDA, NIH and CDC


The midnight shutdown put 800,000 government employees on leave, including those at the FDA, NIH and CDC.

Business briefs: Sanofi, healthcare reform, compounders, NIH

Business briefs: Sanofi, healthcare reform, compounders, NIH

Sanofi's PCSK9 agent receives high praise from analysts, Consumer Reports analyzes healthcare reform, Congressional committees propose compounding legislation, NIH funds genomic research.

Business briefs: Sanofi, Alzheimer's, and healthcare reform news


Sanofi has to provide more Aubagio data to the UK's NICE; healthcare reform's sixes and sevens; NIH puts money toward Alzheimer's research

Lilly partners with NIH for rare-disease research


Eli Lilly is the first Big Pharma to team up with the agency in its rare-disease pre-clinical development program.

Gilead's sofosbuvir clears another HCV hurdle


Two of the most difficult-to-treat hepatitis C patient groups saw high cure rates in an NIH-led study, results released Tuesday show.

Business briefs: Sanofi, Allergan, Otsuka, Genmab, NIH, Novartis, DOJ

Lantus cushions Sanofi's quarterly sales; Allergan holds back on Eylea competitor; FDA limits use of Otsuka drug; Genmab lands Breakthrough label; NIH finds a link among cancers; and Novartis offers lunch with a side of medical information; DOJ appeals Plan-B Ruling.

CDC talks stroke, heart-attack prevention in Spanish

CDC talks stroke, heart-attack prevention in Spanish


The Million Hearts initiative just got a Spanish-language rollout, and the culturally sensitive content is starting to gain attention.

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