Parade to launch 'healthy' supplement

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Parade Magazine's monthly health supplement, HealthyStyle, debuts Sept. 17, and the publisher hopes it will prove a lure for pharma advertisers.

The supplement, featuring a blend of both entertainment and health content, is a response to demand for more health content in newspapers, said Mike DeBartolo, EVP advertising at Parade

“It hits on a convergence of needs, from newspapers, consumers and marketers,” said Debartolo. “Newspapers value our vertical content around healthy lifestyle, because their research confirms that readers value it.” 

“Consumers want and need  [to find] credible information about health and wellness,” he said, “and there's a lot out there, but it hasn't reached saturation.”

HealthyStyle will launch with 8 million copies and will range from 28 to 36 pages per issue. The supplement will appear again in November before going monthly in 2009, when it will publish the first week of each month. 

Content will feature credentialed writers, with a focus on celebrity health and fitness. “We do use celebrity as a grip factor,” said DeBartolo. “We're putting the accent on healthy more than on health, which can be boring and condition-specific. We're trying to bring some life and vitality and excitement to the way we're doing our health content.”

DeBartolo said he expects pharma companie to be “well represented” among advertisers in the supplement. HealthyStyle content would not, he said, supplant Parade's health coverage. 
“This marries up our vertical content around health and wellness with lifestyle coverage,” said DeBartolo. “It's a strong line extension.” 

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