Five things for pharma marketers to know: Friday,  October 17

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Friday, October 17


Amgen sues Sanofi and Regeneron over PCSK9 patents; FDA panel wants Chantix black box to stay; Valeant-Allergan uproar rises in pitch; Pharmacyclics and Roche team up against CLL; and GSK's Ebola vax may "miss" the current crisis.

New exclusivity rules confound

A draft guidance publication date determines whether drugmakers get three or five years of market exclusivity.

NY sues over Forest Alzheimer's medication

NY's attorney general alleges that a formulation switch is an attempt to create monopoly.

J&J, Vivus patent suit ends

J&J subsidiary Janssen has abandoned its patent lawsuit over the anti-seizure medication topiramate, which is part of Vivus's prescription weight-loss drug Qsymia.

Eisai sues FDA for more patent life

The Japanese drugmaker is looking to add as much as a year onto the patent life of some of its drugs after the DEA dragged out their scheduling decisions.

FDA tackles women's sexual health

The regulator and patients will chat for two days in October.

Generic Viagra floods Brazil

The generic ED pills sell for five cents less than Pfizer's branded blue pill, but the undercutting is a bit deeper.

Pharma seeks to offload old drugs

The WSJ reports that Merck, Sanofi and GSK are looking to put older medications at arm's length.

UK court OKs Herceptin biosimilar

A London court knocked down two Roche/Genentech patents, making a clearer path for biosimilars of the breast cancer drug. The primary patent lapses in July.

Lilly Alimta patent extended to 2022

Lilly Alimta patent extended to 2022


A court granted Lilly six more years of patent protection for the almost $3-billion-dollar-a-year cancer drug.

Survey shows Pharma digitally failing patients

Survey shows Pharma digitally failing patients


A study by consulting firm Accenture shows that patients not only expect digital outreach, but that their desire to be engaged is consistently being ignored.

Pfizer fights for Viagra patent

The company is suing Torrent Pharmaceuticals, which wants to market a drug before the patent lapses in 2019.

Celebrex patent loss to inflict EPS pain, but little more

Celebrex patent loss to inflict EPS pain, but little more


Analysts indicate the earlier-than-expected patent loss will not be a significant upset to Pfizer's present. The drugmaker plans to appeal the decision.

Quality, patents tax India connections

India's Ranbaxy logged yet another recall, while the country's stance on patent protection keeps the industry on edge.

Proposed budget gets mixed reviews

The White House's proposed FY 2015 budget gives an additional 1% to the FDA.

Anti IP reform documents published

PMLive has documents that outline a strategy to keep intellectual property laws from relaxing in South Africa.

Judge: Teva not liable for Oxycontin patent violation

Purdue Pharma says it will appeal.

Novo sued over generic Prandin claim

Three drug purchasing companies have taken the Denmark drugmaker to court in the US. The charge: wrongfully keeping generics off the market.

Teva, Pfizer settle on Viagra generic date

Teva said a settlement will allow it to sell a copy of the blockbuster ED pill prior to the official LOE.

Eisai loses DEA battle

A court refuses to compel a government agency to schedule the firm's epilepsy drug, as the med's patent clock ticks.

Study shows swift move from brand to generic drugs

Study shows swift move from brand to generic drugs


Researchers say it's not just payers supporting the switch, and all ages appear to be brand agnostic.

Teva's generic Advair may sit 'til 2018

The generics maker says it may take five years for its iteration of the GSK asthma/COPD brand to hit the market.

Lilly primes investors for possible cuts

Lilly primes investors for possible cuts


Echoing a strategy similar to that posed by Merck, the drug maker told investors that its strategy for hitting revenue targets includes efficiencies. It also depends on a regulatory-friendly pipeline.

Business briefs: Eisai, Merck, plus another ACA delay

Eisai lobbies to push back Belviq's patent clock; a case against Paula Deen is dismissed; Merck and Avanir team up to promote Januvia; and another healthcare-reform measure is pushed back

Business briefs: GSK, Otsuka, Roche and Gilead

GSK seeks a new ovarian cancer indication for Votrient; a bill that would extend exclusivity for some combination drugs is introduced in Congress; Otsuka's tolvaptan gets a thumbs-down from an FDA advisory committee; NICE rejects Roche's Perjeta; India tosses Herceptin patents; and China revokes Gilead's patent on Viread

AstraZeneca, Sanofi close disappointing quarter


The positive way to frame the companies' quarterly results: "less bad," as generics continued to plague their balance sheets.

Higher prices drive Lilly's second-quarter earnings


The Indiana drug maker logged a 6% sales increase over the same period last year. Higher prices were responsible for the majority of the growth.

GSK breaks cloud cover with financial results

GSK breaks cloud cover with financial results


GlaxoSmithKline second-quarter sales rose 2% over the same period last year. CEO Andrew Witty says it is too early to tally the impact of China's corruption allegations.

Business briefs: GSK, Vivus, Biogen Idec, Astellas, Myriad

GSK says change is afoot in China; Vivus fight reportedly results in a new CEO; Biogen Idec enters a collaboration in Edinburgh; Astellas wins and FDA approval; Myriad's patent fight continues

Roche's son-of-Rituxan scores priority review


The FDA's priority review for the Phase III chronic lymphocytic leukemia drug comes on top of Breakthrough Therapy designation, which the agent won in May.

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