Patient Report 2014

Overview: Building Bridges

Overview: Building Bridges


Patients would like to get a lot more help from pharma, and pharma would like to help patients get a lot more. For any other industry with a loyal customer base, this would be a dream scenario. James Chase explores the disconnect

Social Media Analytics: Sentiment Mining

Social Media Analytics: Sentiment Mining

Social media monitoring offers more than just a snapshot of what patients are saying about your products. With the proper analysis, it can help get your launch back on track. Ernst & Young's Ric Cavieres and Karntipa Pisalyaput explain using a fictitious brand, Hilodax

Think Tank: Patient Centricity

Five industry experts discuss what it's really going to take to put the patients at the top of the healthcare pyramid

Patient Partners


Gottlieb Likely to Take On Off-Label, Predictability at the FDA