Upward Move: Nareda Mills

Nareda Mills, SVP, clinical services, Ashfield Clinical
Nareda Mills, SVP, clinical services, Ashfield Clinical

How the drug industry delivers patient-oriented solutions that support positive patient outcomes defines Nareda Mills's new role as SVP of clinical operations for Ashfield Clinical. “As medications became more complex,” Mills says, “the need for pharma to provide comprehensive support to patients and their caregivers to ensure long-term therapeutic success will increase dramatically.”

As she settles into her new role, Mills has her sights set on creating “a strong value proposition” for the company with the aim of differentiating “Ashfield in the clinical services space.”

The task, she admits, will not be easy; the challenge in accomplishing it, she says, will lie in the need to “continually evolve” throughout the process “as the need for digital solutions increases.”

For Mills, however, those challenges seem small when kept in perspective. It all ties back to helping people, she says, a state of mind she's adopted from her days as a nurse. “Working in pediatric oncology for nine years shaped who I am today. Children are so resilient and have no preconceived notion that they are supposed to be sick when they are diagnosed with cancer.

“They are the bravest little souls and one can learn a great deal from watching them fight so courageously. I have learned not to sweat the little things in life and keep everything in perspective. No matter how hard your day may have been, there is always someone who has it worse and we should count each day as a blessing.”

Another piece of advice imparted by Mills: “Identify your mentors early and learn as much as you can from them. Then—stay in touch with them. There were so many influential people in my career who shaped who I am today. I only wish I could thank them now.”


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