People News: Avanir Pharmaceuticals and Canon Communications

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Avanir Pharmaceuticals named Michael McFadden VP US sales and managed markets. McFadden, who joins from Amylin, will be responsible for staffing, training and managing the planned Zenvia specialty sales force as well as overall leadership of all sales-related activities. He will also oversee development of strategies and activities related to national health plan account management, state Medicaid, trade relations, long term care, government affairs and contract administration. Avanir hopes to launch Zenvia for pseudobulbar affect, a neurological disease which causes uncontrollable laughing or crying, next year.

Canon Communications, publisher of Med Ad News, has acquired Pharmalot, and with it, the talents of its creator, Ed Silverman. A longtime pharma reporter for the Star-Ledger of New Jersey, Silverman joins Canon from Elsevier, where he was a bureau chief for the Pink Sheet. At Canon, he will be editor of Pharmalot and editor-at-large for Med Ad News and R&D Directions.

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