Pfizer, Keas in deal for online care plan provision

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Pfizer said it will partner with Keas, a developer of online health organizers, to “enable health and wellness experts to author, sell and distribute personalized online care plans directly to patients.”

Keas' offerings include care plans authored by doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists.

The firm's interface gives users a personalized dashboard to keep track of their health goals and help them make decisions about self-care as well as medical care.

“The Pfizer relationship with Keas enables us to partner with healthcare professionals to extend care management outside the office,” said Pfizer's Oliver Brandicourt, president and general manager of primary care. “By combining the recommendation of an individual's physician with a personalized, expert-developed care plan to support day-to-day healthcare decisions, we believe patients will potentially experience improved health outcomes.”

Patients using the platform will be able to share their care plan with a designated provider, following the progress of the patient to provide collaborative care.

“Our partnership with Keas demonstrates Pfizer's commitment to invest in innovative and game-changing solutions that empower patients and physicians to further engage in the patient's health,” said Kristin Peck, SVP worldwide strategy and innovation. “This is a further testimony to Pfizer's commitment to remain the partner of choice for entrepreneurs through new partnerships and novel ecosystems to create a healthier world.”
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