Pfizer Pfriends program underway

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Pfizer announced that America's uninsured can now obtain Pfizer prescription medicines at significant savings through more than 52,000 community pharmacies nationwide or via Pfizer's mail order service. The savings are available through Pfizer's new program, Pfizer Pfriends.
Enrollment for the program began in August and is ongoing through a toll-free number and Web site.
"We know that paying for prescription medicines can be challenging, especially for those without prescription medicine insurance," said Pfizer chairman and chief executive Hank McKinnell. "Through Pfizer Pfriends, the uninsured don't have to pay full retail price for their Pfizer medicines and can go to almost any retail pharmacy in the country and save money immediately."
Pat Kelly, president of Pfizer U.S. pharmaceuticals, said that being uninsured can make it more difficult to get access to quality health care, and that the uninsured pay more for preventive treatment such as doctor visits and prescription medicines. Pfizer Pfriends can help ease the burden on America's 45 million uninsured by giving them access to prices similar to those paid by large purchasers like major employers and health insurance companies.


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