Roche is hungry, not starving for M&A

CEO Severin Schwan tells Reuters that the Swiss firm will be looking for small acquisitions and partnerships.

Allergan touts reorg, plans to lay off 13% of workforce

Allergan touts reorg, plans to lay off 13% of workforce

Allergan's second-quarter earnings, and a new round of cuts, are now part of the Botox maker's record as it seeks to remain independent.

Shire, AbbVie join forces for $55B

Shire, AbbVie join forces for $55B

The deal includes a $1.6-billion fee if AbbVie tries to walk away.

AbbVie nabs Shire for $54B

AbbVie, in the latest example of a US drugmaker seeking to lower its tax rate, said today that it's buying Dublin-based Shire for $54 billion.

Biogen poised to shake up hemophilia market

Biogen poised to shake up hemophilia market

Less-frequent dosing and competitive pricing could spur a shift in market share among products that treat the hereditary blood disorder.

J&J logs $19.5B in Q2 sales

J&J logs $19.5B in Q2 sales

Hepatitis C medication Olysio was a star, but the company cautions competition is coming.

Roche seeks Avastin cervical-cancer indication

Roche seeks Avastin cervical-cancer indication

The FDA granted Priority Review for consideration of Avastin for some cervical-cancer patients.

Advocacy group alleges Sanofi-Shire conspiracy

An advocacy group alleges that Shire's decision to ignore the US Fabry disease market was the result of a backroom deal with Sanofi.

Shire asks AbbVie for more money

Shire asks AbbVie for more money

Shire and AbbVie's courtship has entered round five. A deal would offer AbbVie tax relief, and possibly make it an acquisition target.

Abbott pairs generics with tax benefit

Abbott and Mylan are setting up a generics business. The all-stock deal will give some branded generics a new home and offer Abbott a tax benefit that will increase over time.

Senators press Gilead over Sovaldi price

Senators press Gilead over Sovaldi price

In the latest chapter in the Sovaldi pricing saga, Senators Ron Wyden and Charles Grassley urge Gilead to clarify Sovaldi sticker shock.

Allergan trims fat to halt takeover

Allergan will implement company-wide cost-cutting maneuvers, Bloomberg reports, to keep Valeant at bay.

AbbVie ups ante in Shire takeover bid

AbbVie ups ante in Shire takeover bid

Two weeks after its $46-billion bid was shot down, AbbVie has revised its offer in hopes of opening up negotiations with Shire.

Lilly, Yabao collaborate on diabetes

The companies will develop Lilly's glucokinase activator LY2608204.

Sun recalls cancer drug

It's the generics maker's second recall of 2014.

Zohydro's second act

Zogenix is working on a less easily abused formulation of its controversial prescription painkiller.

France ponders off-label Avastin

French lawmakers have the chance to vote for off-label use of Avastin, potentially eating into the turf of higher-priced Lucentis.

BI drug gets priority review

Boehringer Ingelheim's experimental idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treatment nintedanib is also an orphan drug.

India's generics makers hire Beltway help

The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance makes a bid for legislators' attention.

Allergan updates pipeline

Allergan updates pipeline

Allergan's latest pipeline news was a mix of the good and the bad. The good: a potential Lucentis competitor is progressing. The bad: migraine medication Semprana has stalled.

MannKind's Afrezza approved

MannKind's Afrezza approved

The FDA approved the inhaled insulin last week.

Diovan competition is coming

Novartis no longer has a lock on the Diovan market: the FDA approved Ranbaxy's generic, which will be made in the US.

Auxilium merges with Canadian biotech in tax-inversion effort

Pennsylvania drugmaker Auxilium will merge with Vancouver-based biotech QLT to lower its corporate tax rate.

Vyvanse patent win bolsters Shire as AbbVie circles

Certain claims of the patents protecting the ADHD drug were both infringed and valid, a court ruled, giving Shire a boost as it contends with a takeover bid by AbbVie.

Novo issues bullish sales forecast

The firm said it expects to more than double its revenue within the decade, as the surging incidence of diabetes expands demand for its products.

Vertex to submit CF drug combo to FDA this year

Vertex to submit CF drug combo to FDA this year

Phase III results showing improved lung function among cystic fibrosis patients using a combination of Kalydeco and lumacaftor means drugmaker Vertex is filing the two-part drug for FDA approval during the fourth quarter.

Shire rebuffs AbbVie

Dublin-based Shire is urging shareholders to back independence and ignore AbbVie's $46.4 billion bid.

BI calls it quits in hep. C

BI says there is no unmet need for faldaprevir.

Lilly, BI resubmit diabetes medication

The companies resubmitted SGLT2 inihibitor empagliflozen for FDA review. The EC approved the drug in May.

Takeda walks away from Omontys

The drugmaker is pulling its US marketing application for the anemia drug.

Medtronic buys Covidien

The deal makes Medtronic the most recent company to seek out lower tax rates.

Pfizer says money killed AZ deal

CFO Frank D'Amelio told an investors conference AstraZeneca wanted more money.

Allergan turns down Valeant

CEO David Pyott told Modern Healthcare that acquisition fallout would have probably included a pinched R&D budget and higher product prices.

Dendreon CEO resigns

August 15 is John Johnson's last day as president and CEO.

Merck buying Idenix in $4B bid for HCV market

Merck buying Idenix in $4B bid for HCV market

Merck will test if a pieced-together combo of Idenix's nucleotide inhibitor and its own Breakthrough Therapy regimen can take on the competitive HCV landscape.

Sanofi's CEO moves to Boston

The company says the re-lo is for personal reasons. The move will put him in close proximity to Genzyme, as well as other members of the French firm's executive committee.

Teva reorganizes

The company has created three new departments.

Roche builds strength in molecular diagnostics

The company is buying Genia Technologies for $125 million.

Valeant ups the ante

In addition to raising its bid for Allergan, Valeant is lobbying for a shareholder meeting to oust six board members.

KV rebrands, becomes Lumara Health

KV rebrands, becomes Lumara Health

The post-Chapter 11 pharmaceutical company unveiled its new name Thursday.

Italy fines Roche and Novartis

The government's anti-trust agency said the drug companies colluded to push doctors toward pricier Lucentis over Avastin.

Valeant ups Allergan bid

The new offer is $49.4 billion.

BMS enters two immuno-oncology deals

The drugmaker has paired up with Incyte and CytomyX in two separate deals.

Pfizer, AstraZeneca part ways

Pfizer, AstraZeneca part ways

Pfizer announced Monday that it will no longer pursue AstraZeneca, but industry watchers note it may not really be over.

Purdue installs first commercial chief

Saeed Motahari, formerly AbbVie's VP of US sales and marketing, specialty brands, is Purdue Pharma's new SVP, chief commercial officer—a new position.

China continues industry probe

Roche says reps from China's antitrust agency visited one of its sites.

AZ shareholders want a deal

Pfizer still has wiggle room to raise its offer, and some major AstraZeneca shareholders say the company should reconsider staying independent.

Takeda jumps into Humira space

Takeda jumps into Humira space

The FDA's approval of Takeda's Entyvio puts the drugmaker in the ulcerative colititis and Crohn's mix of prescription treatments.

Roche expands manufacturing

The company is investing $135 million at two sites in Basel.

AstraZeneca rejects Pfizer's "final" bid

AstraZeneca said Pfizer's latest bid for the British drugmaker was too low.

Janssen Labs expands business incubator

The LLC is adding a 30,000-square-foot operation in South San Francisco.

GSK exec accused of bribery

GlaxoSmithKline says it is cooperating with Chinese authorities.

Merck sells eye business

Santen Pharmaceutical is buying limited rights to Merck's eye portfolio for $600 million and milestone payments.

Pfizer and AstraZeneca: what's next

Pfizer and AstraZeneca present their cases for and against a possible merger to UK lawmakers this week.

Sanofi snubs Allergan, Allergan snubs Valeant

Reports indicate Allergan's reported attempt to lure Sanofi and J&J into an partnership have failed, and that the Botox manufacturer has told Valeant to keep its takeover offer to itself.

Weight-loss drugs fight it out

Eisai announced it was adding sales reps to promote its drug Belviq, while Vivus, maker of Qsymia, fights off a generic marketing application by Actavis.

Aegerion shows rare disease not slam dunk

Aegerion shows rare disease not slam dunk

Analyst reaction to this week's quarterly news reflected a need to woo investors, adding to some negative carryover from the previous year.

China lifts some pricing restrictions

Drug quality problems and shortages are behind the shift that will affect antibiotics, painkillers and vitamins.

Survey finds pharma and payers not aligned

Survey finds pharma and payers not aligned

An EY report finds that pharma is not only failing to give payers the right type of drug data, but that industry has a lot of trust-building to do before they will accept it.

AZ appeal for independence seen as bargaining chip

AZ appeal for independence seen as bargaining chip

The firm laid out reasons for why it should remain independent of Pfizer, but analysts say projected earnings are a bit too optimistic and could be a ploy to up the offer.

Heart pill approval a much-needed win for AZ

Epanova—a drug meant for patients with a high triglyceride count—won approval from FDA today, a small but symbolic win for AZ as it seeks to fend off a takeover attempt by Pfizer.

Bayer buys Merck OTC portfolio

Bayer buys Merck OTC portfolio

The $14.2-billion deal is expected to close in the second half of this year.

Poll finds most doctors OK with Iclusig

A survey by investment firm Jefferies found that the temporary 2013 suspension had a minimal impact on how doctors perceive the drug.

Reckitt, Merck deal is off

PMLive reports Reckitt has abandoned its bid for Merck's OTC business

Pfizer posts weak Q1 sales, stands by AZ offer

Pfizer posts weak Q1 sales, stands by AZ offer

CEO Ian Read told investors Monday that an AZ merger would benefit Astra shareholders and add oomph to its marketing potential. Another exec said he could "envision" filing palbociclib this year, but made no promises.

Pfizer said to be adding $5B to AZ bid

According to a source quoted by Bloomberg, the company has made an offer of $106 billion to acquire AstraZeneca.

Bloomberg scrutinizes drug pricing

An analysis by Bloomberg today shows why drug pricing "keeps defying the law of gravity."

GSK's first-quarter sales slide

GSK's first-quarter sales slide

US sales fell 10%, and corruption allegations in China ate into emerging-market sales.

Court idles Sun-Ranbaxy deal

Insider-trading allegations have temporarily stopped the merger.

Allergan reported to seek other partners

Bloomberg says the Botox manufacturer has reached out to Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson.

Latest Breakthrough nod goes to Novartis

The FDA announced Tuesday its approval of lung cancer drug Zykadia for patients with metastatic ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer.

Merck Q1 sales fall, but diabetes rises

Merck Q1 sales fall, but diabetes rises

Sales of its big diabetes franchise rose 3% vs. the same period last year, while drops in Singulair and Nasonex revenue marked the quarter. The company is slated to reveal pipeline progress next week.

Despite Aubagio lift, Sanofi Q1 sales dip

Sanofi's CEO signaled an aversion to a major merger, as he announced the firm's light first-quarter revenue.

BMS teases immunotherapy filing in Q1 results

BMS teases immunotherapy filing in Q1 results

Sales slipped 1% for the quarter, but the drugmaker couched the financials with news from its much-watched effort in immuno-oncology: that it will wrap its nivolumab filing by the end of this year.

Cancer assets draw Pfizer to AZ

Cancer assets draw Pfizer to AZ

Pfizer disclosed a renewed push for British rival AstraZeneca, after a $100-billion cash-and-stock offer was rebuffed. A final deal would give the New York drugmaker a presence in immuno-oncology.

Lilly Q1 sales dip

Lilly Q1 sales dip

US sales fell 34% during the quarter, largely due to lower demand and lower prices for off-patent Cymbalta and Evista.

Pfizer seeks wider Xeljanz indication

The company expects to file an sNDA for plaque psoriasis next year.

Recalls dent Stryker Q1 earnings

Sales rose 5% compared to the same period last year.

Gilead reaps huge HCV sales, payer fury

Gilead reaps huge HCV sales, payer fury

Sovaldi's debut has been marked by plenty of criticism from payers and lawmakers, but the hep. C drug's launch, now confirmed to be the fastest of all time, has also reaped blockbuster sales for Gilead.

Panel votes against painkiller

Panel chair Randall Flick said QRxPharma "had not provided sufficient evidence to support a claim that Moxduo is safer than morphine or oxycodone."

Bayer drug gets orphan label

Bayer drug gets orphan label

The FDA designation is for an experimental, inhaled form of ciprofloxacin intended to treat a rare lung condition.

Valeant bids $47B for Allergan

Valeant bids $47B for Allergan

The deal would bring Allergan's Botox and Juvederm under the same roof as Restylane.

Sarepta plans for 2015 drug review

Sarepta plans for 2015 drug review

The company said it plans to file its rare-disease drug with the FDA later this year, for a 2015 review.

GSK allegations build in Jordan and Lebanon

GlaxoSmithKline says it is investigating allegations of employee misconduct. The company said in a statement that the allegations have numbers "very similar to those reported by other companies in our sector."

Generic Celebrex is coming

Pfizer and Teva's settlement puts generic Celebrex on the market by December.

Astellas, DOJ settle for $7.3M

Astellas, DOJ settle for $7.3M

Astellas has settled a False Claims case with the Department of Justice over the 2010-2013 marketing of an antifungal medication. Astellas denies the allegations.

Researchers say Tamiflu a waste of money

Complete data sets have prompted researchers to say Tamilflu and Relenza fail at their key reason for being: preventing flu pandemics.

Merck looks poised to challenge Gilead

Merck looks poised to challenge Gilead

Phase-II results indicate Merck's all-in-one HCV oral could put pressure on Gilead.

Halozyme pancreatic drug study on FDA hold

Halozyme pancreatic drug study on FDA hold

The FDA issued an official halt, five days after Halozyme stopped the Phase-II trial because of patient stroke information.

Louisiana sends Takeda $9-billion Actos bill

The drugmaker is accused of burying cancer risks associated with the diabetes medication.

FDA won't review Afrezza until July

The regulator has put off the inhaled insulin's PDUFA date by three months.

Alkermes to submit schizophrenia med this year

Phase-III results prompted the drugmaker to pursue a third-quarter filing.

Sun Pharma to buy Ranbaxy

The announcement will create the fifth largest generics drug maker, reports Reuters.

Roche seals two deals in one weekend

The Swiss drugmaker has scooped up Oryzon's experimental acute myeloid leukemia treatment and private Massachusetts diagnostics firm IQuum.

GSK reportedly being investigated for Mideast behavior

WSJ's sources say allegations of misconduct are similar to those leveled against the company in China.

ViiV adds Tivicay to UN patent pool

The GSK-Pfizer-Shionogi joint venture said it will add HIV med Tivicay to a United Nations patent pool, cutting its price for developing countries and granting access for generics firms.

GSK stops lung-cancer vaccine trial

The drugmaker is ceasing a trial called MAGRIT after it was unable to identify patients who could benefit from MAGE-A3.

Compounders get version of PDUFA

The FDA has issued draft guidance that funds FDA inspection of some drug compounders.

SCOTUS to hear out Teva on Copaxone delay

The Israel-based drugmaker will try to extend the MS treatment's patent life until September 2015.

Lilly Alimta patent extended to 2022

Lilly Alimta patent extended to 2022

A court granted Lilly six more years of patent protection for the almost $3-billion-dollar-a-year cancer drug.

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