Pharma industry bolsters consumer ad spend: Nielsen Monitor-Plus

Big pharma ramped up its consumer ad spending during 2006, with a 14.9% increase outpacing all other industries, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The pharmaceutical industry spent $719 million more on DTC TV, radio, magazines and newspaper ads in 2006 than in 2005, Nielsen Monitor-Plus data showed. The industry was the “fastest-growing” major media consumer ad category in 2006, with a 14.9% percent increase over the previous year, Nielsen Monitor-Plus said. The data also revealed: *Pfizer increased its major media consumer ad spending budget by $158 million in 2006, a jump of 32%. *Merck upped its 2006 major media consumer ad budget by $118 million, a 40% increase. *Sepracor’s major media consumer ad budgets grew by $95 million, also a 40% increase. Meanwhile, overall spending for the 10 largest major media consumer ad categories reached $45 billion in 2006, 3% greater than the same period last year, Nielsen Monitor-Plus said.

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