Private View—April 2014

Huggies Tweet Pee—In Brazil, Huggies launched TweetPee, a sensor + a Twitter-based alert that lets parents know when their baby needs to get changed. When the sensor perceives a wet diaper it sends a tweet out to the parent's Twitter account. Better yet, the tweet is also connected to a mobile app that keeps track of number of diapers used, so parents can make sure they are always “in-stock.”

Durex Digital Love—Durex tackled the taboo of having sex safely and playfully. The solution was an online experience letting you simulate sex by touching your computer screen. They dematerialized sex while keeping two intrinsic values: fun and interaction. With 4.4 million views all over the world and an average time of 4 minutes on the website, I would say they succeeded in an engaging CX.

AbbVie Humira—Great customer experiences are not limited to digital. Here is a wonderful print example showing how the simple task of tying a shoe can be one of an RA sufferers' greatest daily challenges.

Impact—Here's an example of the how the simple use of visual communication can communicate the functional benefit of speed of wound healing in a highly emotional way. McCann created an image so powerful it doesn't even need a headline. Cheers to Impact for recognizing how to make a strong impact on their audience.

BMS Melanoma—This compelling campaign raises awareness of melanoma and the importance of skin checks. BMS reached out to 40 stores and placed spots on 7000 pieces of clothing. A tag was attached to each that asked the simple question: “If you care about spots on your clothes, why not care about spots on your skin?” This sensory education campaign increased dermatology visits by 14% in one month.

Teva Losec—Simple iconography is always a memorable approach but even better if it can be done in a novel and ownable way. This campaign for the GERD treatment Losec quickly communicates the message: Don't let your food come back at you with the simple icon of the boomerang as the dinner plate. The exquisite art direction and photography add to the attention-grabbing nature of this campaign.
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