Promotional med ed firms: Synapse Medical Communications

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Company Profile
Synapse Medical Communications is a leading full-service, strategic medical marketing and communications company based in New York City. Synapse specializes in translating complex science into market-shaping strategies to condition markets for the launch of novel brands and new indications. With more than 50 full-time seasoned professionals, many holding doctoral degrees (MDs, PharmDs and PhDs), Synapse becomes a fully integrated extension of our clients' marketing and medical strategy teams to maximize a brand's commercial potential.

Our extensive experience and enduring relationships with key opinion leaders across diverse medical specialties and therapeutic areas are the foundation for our ability to design and flawlessly execute innovative and scientifically rigorous medical communications initiatives across all media and communication channels.

Services and Offerings
Synapse Medical Communications specializes in medical strategy and content. Our history of conditioning markets for successful product launches has positioned Synapse as the “go-to” agency partner for high-profile brands and educational campaigns.

At Synapse, we support the cross-functional needs of our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their brands. Our in-house, full-service model ensures quality control and compliance at each step of the planning, development, execution, and evaluation phases for all programs and initiatives. We have a proven track record of success with many of the leading large, midsize, and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Synapse is a full-service medical marketing and communications company specializing in:
  • Scientific platform and key message development
  • Opinion leader profiling
  • Promotional content development
  • Speaker development, training and support
  • Multimedia and interactive programming 
  • Disease state awareness and education campaigns
  • Publication planning 
  • Market research/landscape analysis
  • Sales force and field-based training 
  • Congress planning
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