Five things for pharma marketers to know: Friday, November 21

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Friday, November 21

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EMA revises its conflict of interest policy; AbbVie all-oral HCV combo drug receives positive EU recommendation; Merck may help NewLink Genetics scale production of its Ebola vaccine.

FDA approves abuse-deterrent Hysingla ER

The first approved hydrocodone formulated to discourage misuse raises a challenge to controversial Zohydro.

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, November 20

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, November 20


CRS asks if high prices are a tool to offset CMS rebates, the FDA adds another DTC study to its lineup, and the NIH proposes making more clinical trial data public.

FDA delays rule on generic drug labeling amid controversy

As generic drug use soars, the agency intends to "create parity" in label-change rules for brands and generics.

FDA clears new tool for Ebola arsenal

A US Senate bill would also make treatments for the disease eligible for priority review vouchers.

J&J offers government payer hep. C guarantee

The drugmaker is offering Scotland's NHS a money-back guarantee for Olysio patients.

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Friday, October 3

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Friday, October 3


Salix-Cosmo tax-inversion deal quashed, chronic heart failure market set to expand, rising generic drug prices get lawmakers' attention, NICE gives leukemia drug a thumbs-down, FDA has a good rep

India establishes inspection guidelines

The new rules are expected to do away with the haphazard nature of facility inspections.

FDA and off-label uses: a balancing act

FDA and off-label uses: a balancing act


FDA's current re-examination of its off-label promotion policies in light of the First Amendment is a delicate balancing act between its rock-solid traditional enforcement posture and a diverse new electronic communications environment.

Lilly, BI resubmit diabetes medication

The companies resubmitted SGLT2 inihibitor empagliflozen for FDA review. The EC approved the drug in May.

HealthKit won't tangle with the FDA

Recent FDA guidelines for health-tracking apps mean Apple's HealthKit, and similar apps, won't have to jump regulatory hurdles before going live.

NICE says no to Xofigo, Zaltrap

NICE says no to Xofigo, Zaltrap


The UK's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says it bounced Bayer's drug for failing to compare itself to current treatments, and Sanofi's over cost.

Regulators, unite! Hamburg urges global cooperation

Plans for a "new regulatory supergroup" are reported to have been in the works for some time.

Italy fines Novartis and Roche

Italy's regulator says the companies conspired to suppress Avastin sales so Lucentis could gain market share.

NICE wants more Soliris information

The UK watchdog wants to know what's behind the rare-disease drug's high price.

FTC poised to referee telemedicine

The regulator—which oversees an array of matters that include deceptive advertising and robocalls—is being nudged into this part of the medical field because of the technology involved.

FDA slammed over generics

Critics say the FDA is not doing enough to ensure generics quality and that communications between industry and the regulator need to improve.

Industry wants EMA to open its books

Industry associations want to see how money for review applications is spent.

FDA's Hamburg says India is a significant pharma partner

FDA's Hamburg says India is a significant pharma partner


The FDA commissioner said the agency is doing its job, not picking a fight, when it inspects drug-making facilities, and that India must take an active role for a harmonious supply chain.

NICE gives Aubagio the nod

The price watchdog said Sanofi's oral MS drug Aubagio is a go. The decision follows a September directive to prove the drug's cost-effectiveness.

Discontinued OTC asthma med may make comeback

An FDA committee is poised to review a new Primatene Mist in February.

EMA publishes noncompliance letters

The European Medicines Agency makes its equivalent of FDA manufacturing warning letters public.

Janssen gets diabetes CRL

The FDA wants more data for the proposed canagliflozin-metformin medication mix.

FDA limits antibiotic use

The regulator tells farmers to limit antibiotic use.

FDA's 2013 so far: 26 approvals

FDA's 2013 so far: 26 approvals


The FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research released a preliminary year-in-review report that says the agency has cleared 26 new molecular entities this year.

Novo compounds Tresiba troubles

Danish police are investigating the drugmaker over its decision to wait two days before announcing the FDA's February rejection.

OIG subpoenas United Therapeutics paperwork

The government division is scrutinizing marketing information for three drugs.

Deal could put FDA reps in China

Reports of a Dec. 5 deal between the US and China could deepen inspectors' reach.

Europe says Ariad's Iclusig can stay

The leukemia drug is staying on the market, but for a more restricted patient population.

FDA official talks up new review approach

Critics worry the talked-about approval plan could mean adverse events surface far too late.

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