Rite Aid launches video site for OTC coupons

Schering-Plough, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth and others are using Rite Aid's new "video values" site to offer coupons and information about their products.

The site, hosted by California-based video marketing firm AdPerk, contains around 60 videos providing coupons for a variety of OTC products, including $7 off Wyeth's Centrum Ultra, and $1 off Novartis's Lamisil, for example. Prescription drug coupons are in the works, according to John Learish, Rite Aid's SVP of marketing. "We plan to feature pharmaceutical products on the site in the near future," said Learish.

In order to download a coupon, consumers are asked to watch a video commercial (30 seconds in the case of Schering's Claritin Liqui-Gels) for the product; at the end of the video, a code is provided to be used for coupon downloading.

According to Cheryl Slavinsky, a Rite Aid spokesperson, the site ignited blog posts and “tweeting all over the place,” even before the online site was formally announced yesterday.

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