Healthy Grey eliminated as part of Grey Global restructure

Grey Global unit Healthy Grey has been dissolved as part of a series of radical changes to the WPP agency’s “village” organization concept of grouping staff into areas of expertise. “We are still trying to work out the restructuring of the accounts, but in a nutshell, the village system is going away, along with Healthy Grey,” spokesperson Owen Dougherty told MM&M. “The accounts will be put into new groups that are being organized. But I don’t have anything on paper to give you yet.” In January, “less than 40 people” were laid off under the leadership of Grey Worldwide chairman and CEO Jim Heekin, who replaced former Grey North American president Steve Blamer in Sept. 2005. Heekin is expected to “soon” detail efforts to make Grey’s New York office a global agency hub, Dougherty said.

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