Latest challenges in compliance, persistency and adherence addressed at conference

The acquisition and maintenance of effective patient relationships was in focus at the Center for Business Intelligence’s 5th Annual Forum on Patient Compliance, Adherence and Persistency, held in Philadelphia on April 10 and 11. “Inadequate medication adherence is a major barrier to global health,” explained Soren Skovlund, senior adviser, manager, corporate health partnerships at Novo Nordisk. “The opportunities are real,” but so are the challenges, Skovlund said. “Consumers want to be involved and attended to. They don’t want to comply. That’s condescending.” Matt Winkler, AstraZeneca senior cancer promotions manager, spoke on the success of his company’s “In Your Corner” breast cancer awareness program surrounding its Arimidex breast cancer treatment. “Breast cancer does have a persistency challenge,” Winkler said. “We found you always have to be in contact with your patient base.” Other speakers included: • Jeff Doherty, product director, Janssen Pharmaceutica, speaking on the challenges and obstacles encountered by the marketing team for antipsychotic drug Risperdal. • Lynn Benzing, president of Patient Marketing Group, on personalizing patient compliance initiatives by leveraging psychological indicators. • Bas Op ten Berg, customer manager of global e-business for Organon, on utilizing e-mail/text messaging to drive a successful RM program surrounding the oral contraceptive Nuvaring in Europe.