Asif Khan: Top 40 Healthcare Transformers

Caremerge, Founder and CEO

Impossibly ambitious goals don't get more impossibly ambitious than "we want to change communications in the healthcare system." And yet Caremerge, with what it calls a cloud-based care-coordination model, is doing just that. Rather than tackling the entire system—the company isn't that ambitious—Caremerge has trained its sights on what Khan describes as "the most complex demographic": the aging population. Noting correctly that many seniors are cared for on a daily basis by numerous people—clinicians, caretakers, family members—Khan and his team have devised a solution that allows for all information and communication about an individual's care to be centralized in a single place.

An example of the type of information captured by Caremerge that often falls through the cracks elsewhere: what Khan describes as "those subtle lifestyle-type conversations, where somebody notices something that might not get to the level of 'okay, we have to call the doctor now.' " The Caremerge platform is HIPPA-compliant, so the privacy worries associated with such a system (a chatty food-service provider, anyone?) cease to be an issue. "Once a clinical event has occurred, it's too late," Khan continues. "What we're trying to do is bring everybody together to avoid clinical events in the first place.


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