John Lieberman, NYC Medtech

John Lieberman


NYC Medtech

Lieberman is the force that brings together New York's biotech sector. A decade or so ago, he identified a glaring need within the NYC biotech community: While entrepreneurs, capital and media were readily available, there were few functional communities to integrate the talent necessary to bring products to market. So Lieberman founded the NYC Medical Technology Forum (NYC MedTech), a professional networking and partnering platform that brings together diverse elements of the life-science, biotech, devices and pharma industries. These include local researchers, active life-science investors, media reporters, pharma leaders and serial entrepreneurs — all of whom have, to some extent, “been there and done that.” As a result, NYC MedTech has evolved into a go-to source for actionable advice about new and existing biotech projects. Outside the forum, Lieberman is certified public accountant and personal-finance specialist who has dedicated more than 25 years to assisting companies with tax planning and risk management.

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