Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, May 7

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, May 7


A court halted the launch of Sandoz's biosimilar; GSK said it is concerned about Advair competition in the US; an FDA panel is expected to vote on a female sexual disorder drug

Open Payments database draws 1M visitors

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services last year published 4.45 million records about financial relationships between industry and HCPs.

Survey shows docs shrug off Sunshine

A MedPanel survey indicates doctors have not changed their business practices since the Open Payments database went live.

Open Payments website 'temporarily' taken offline

The pharma payment verification site has been temporarily shut down by CMS due to incorrect information, ProPublica reported today.

Doctors want to know how CMS plans to display Sunshine payment data

Doctors want to know how CMS plans to display Sunshine payment data


Physician and industry trade groups are asking CMS to explain how context will be provided to the general public around the dollar sums drugmakers ascribe to doctors for things like meals, travel, gifts, consulting and research

Bayer joins transparency push

The drugmaker announced Wednesday that researchers would be able to access clinical trial data.

BI opens up data files

The company announced Monday that researchers will be able to seek out clinical trial data going back to 1998.

Medicare numbers trigger physician anger

Wednesday's coverage of doctor pay roiled physicians who say the CMS data set oversimplifies payment information and skews reality.

Sunshine data highlights major billers

Facts tucked among the 9.2 million lines of data: 2% of doctors account for around 25% of Medicare billing.

Industry mutes doctors

ProPublica says drugmakers have slashed speakers' budgets.

Industry wants EMA to open its books

Industry associations want to see how money for review applications is spent.

Novartis enhances data access

The drugmaker says researchers will be able to view patient-level data and promises less jargon-filled summaries by year-end.

Big Pharma puts $250M towards disease collaboration

Ten pharma companies will share money and biomarker research under an NIH collaboration.

Janssen signs onto Yale data-sharing project

The school will act as an independent panel for the drug maker, reviewing requests from investigators for access to anonymized, clinical-trial data.

Companies view Sunshine differently

Companies view Sunshine differently


A report indicates pharma companies do not agree on what research needs to be reported.

Europe may delay transparency

The EMA is wading through thousands of comments and may push back its clinical trial transparency initiative.

Many unclear on 2013 Sunshine data

Many unclear on 2013 Sunshine data


A poll by consulting firm QPharma indicates doctors are in the dark about what needs to be reported and what will be revealed.

Business briefs: Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, AllTrials

Sanofi named in China corruption probe; GlaxoSmithKline starts a venture capital fund; and European non-profit AllTrials outlines its transparency goals

Good day, Sunshine: Tools help docs track payments

Good day, Sunshine: Tools help docs track payments


With a new era of transparency for doctors and life science manufacturers kicking off today, here's how some organizations are keeping physicians informed.

The complexity of cracking open the data door

The complexity of cracking open the data door


Companies are moving toward more access to clinical trial data. Despite their new stance, the internal battles haven't quite ended, some say.

Business briefs: GSK, UCB, AZ, Biogen Idec, CVS, Roche, Forest

China's industry investigation widens beyond GlaxoSmithKline; PhRMA's European equivalent rallies patient groups to fight transparency; Biogen Idec says a patient's death is not linked to Tecfidera; parents swap walk-in clinics for office visit; Roche continues its CEO hunt; and Forest logs 6% sales growth.

Industry pushing for further clarity on Sunshine Act

Industry pushing for further clarity on Sunshine Act


With a clear buffet exemption in-hand, the agency's position with respect to CME meals seems pretty clear. Industry is pushing for more clarity around the treatment of accrediting bodies.

Business briefs: GSK and Sanofi, plus state legislative news

GlaxoSmithKline says it is scaling back on acquisitions; Sanofi's CEO picks a regulatory fight; Maine wants to allow Ex-US meds; and New York State seeks to empower pharmacists.

Business Briefs Merck, GSK, Novo, Walgreen, Epocrates, Doximity

HPV vaccine price cut; Merck files new allergy med with FDA; GSK pursues online transparency; Walgreens ready for greater nurse autonomy; Epocrates ranks high among docs with tablets.

Novartis: lawsuits, layoffs and, by the way, earnings


It was an all-in-one news day for the drug maker which, by the way, saw sales rise 2% for the first quarter, compared to the same period last year.

Business Briefs: GSK, Astellas, Vertex and Orexigen

GSK and Astellas kick off the race for a new anemia treatment; Orexigen's CEO joins PhRMA; BMS and Merck team up in a hep.-C clinical trial; Novartis lands glaucoma approval; Ireland starts naming preferred drugs; Novo has new New Jersey digs; Vertex releases promising data for new cystic fibrosis treatment.

Business briefs: Reps mum on adverse events; FCC's new mHealth director; med schools tighten speaking limits

A study finds sales reps find time to talk benefits, but not risks, even when touting black-box drugs; FCC has named its new mHealth director; pharma scaled back its food budgets last year; and AMSA says 18 med schools now ban faculty from speakers bureau participation

Business briefs: AstraZeneca, Everyday Health, J&J

AstraZeneca loses in patent court and Pulmicort goes generic, Barbara Ryan joins FTI, Everyday Health and Mayo Clinic expand their advertising alliance, analyst says Ivokana side effect could limit sales

CMS releases "Sunshine" final rule: federal preemption, August start date

CMS releases "Sunshine" final rule: federal preemption, August start date


CMS issued its long-delayed final rule for collecting data on industry payments to physicians, ordering data collection to begin in August and asserting that the federal law preempts state laws.

Researcher takes aim at clashing drug data


An expert witness in a 2008 lawsuit highlights holes in clinical data, and finds that corporate and published trial data do not necessarily correspond.


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Merck, Takeda execs: Is AI the new bad app?

One executive referred to AI as a "black box" and as the "Tower of Babel."

Value-based care requires innovators to challenge the status quo

Execs stressed the importance of collaboration, consumer-mindedness.

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The artificial pancreas can provide value to the health system.

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