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WorldOne Interactive
WorldOne Interactive

Company Profile

Global > Social > Engagement > Intelligence
WorldOne Interactive brings innovative engagement platforms, global scale, and powerful intelligence to digital healthcare marketing.

We are at the Engagement Intersection of Global Scale & Digital Innovation

As the Global Engagement Group of WorldOne, Inc, the leader in healthcare data collection, insights and intelligence, we combine 13 years of trusted global physician communication with progressive digital engagement and intelligence models.

In July 2012, WorldOne Interactive acquired ­Sermo, the largest online community exclusively for physicians.  

Our Group offers a range of proprietary social gaming, community, promotional, intelligence, and media solutions which deliver brand influence and derive data across channels from immersive engagement, peer competition, and crowd-sourcing at scale.

Our industry leading Global Networked Community is 100% opt-in and fully verified comprising over 1.8 million healthcare professionals spanning 80 countries, including more than 385,000 US physicians and 1 million US healthcare professionals.  Balanced by 18 global offices and 33 global recruitment centers we are poised for explosive growth in 2013.

Examples of our Innovations

Our suite of differentiating ENGAGEMENT & INTELLIGENCE services can be applied locally or globally.

MedLIVE™ > FastResponse Market Intelligence
MedLIVE™ ( is the industry's fastest and most cost-effective self-service HCP intelligence platform, which healthcare brands and agencies utilize to glean real-time insights from our Global Networked Community.
  • 80% of MedLIVE PULSES have closed in under 24 hours
  • 76% have closed in under 5 hours
DocTANGO™ > Competitive Education
Our first in class social health game DocTANGO™ is shaping the emerging healthcare professional marketing category, Competitive Education.  By converting brand science into sport, marketers benefit from driving targeted promotional engagement, deepening HCP education, deriving real-time crowd-sourced data, and supporting forecasting initiatives.
  • Of 500 global MDs polled, 82% are interested in competing with their peers in an online health game
SERMO > Social Signaling
Sermo is the #1 ranked social site for US MDs with over 40K hours of rich discussion per month, 2.3M comments and growing.  Sermo enables open, clinical, peer-to-peer collaboration across web & mobile.
  • 87% of members use Sermo as an information resource for their practice
  • 81% of MDs who limit of forbid sales reps would interact with Pharma on Sermo

To learn more about how our customized services and proprietary platforms can add value to your HCP engagement strategies—get in touch!


Address: 200 Park Avenue South, 13th Floor, NY, NY 10003
Phone: 212-418-5218
Websites: &
Twitter: @W1_Interactive
LinkedIn Company Profile: WorldOne Interactive
New Business Contacts:
Mike Marett >
or Jake Coniglio >

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