Sam Zebarjadi
Co-founder and CEO

The era of doctors making house calls ended long before most Millennials were born. But for Medicast, the house call is a concept overdue for a comeback. "We thought, 'If you can tap a button and get groceries, why shouldn't healthcare be the same way?' " Zebarjadi says. In the markets where it operates—certain parts of Florida and Southern California—customers can expect a doctor to arrive within 30 minutes. And for anywhere from $149 to $249 a visit, they can "get an amazing medical experience. Doctors love it and patients love it," he crows.
The model comes with its challenges, like convincing regulators that everything is on the up-and-up. Additionally, while the cost of Medicast may be covered by some insurance companies, the company doesn't yet bill insurers directly. This hasn't tempered Zebarjadi's plans for growth, however. Look for Medicast to expand in the months and years ahead to home-based I.V.s and mobile X-rays. —Sarah Mahoney