Upon graduating from West Virginia University, Julie Croner started her career working at Deloitte Consulting. As a senior technology integration consultant at the company, she led teams through the planning, design and implementation of new software systems, a role that required her to travel the world.

Five years in, she was diagnosed with several chronic and debilitating health issues, a development that ultimately forced her to take a three-and-a-half year disability leave. It was a period of immense challenges — never-ending doctors appointments, multiple procedures — and changes, such as losing her ability to walk. 

Despite all this, Croner refused to sit back. She started itsjustabadday.com, a blog to share her experience with chronic illness, and received a certification in holistic health coaching. Most importantly, she became an involved, dedicated member of the patient advocacy community, speaking at conferences including Stanford Medicine X and the ePharma Summit. 

In 2016, Croner decided to pursue a full-time career in patient advocacy, joining Wego Health as VP of the patient leader network. In this role, she launched an online platform that connects patients with healthcare companies for paid opportunities. The platform also provides courses designed to help patients more effectively share their stories in promotions and adhere to FTC guidelines, among other skills required for producing content for brands and media partners.