With nearly two decades of experience in healthcare marketing, Julie Gens is an industry veteran who has worked in nearly every facet of the business, from healthcare provider pharmaceutical sales to consumer marketing. 

Thanks to her work on campaigns for therapies including over-the-counter, anti-infective, diabetes, endocrinology, HIV and rheumatology, she also has extensive therapeutic experience.

Gens’ continued success in the industry is built on the strong relationships and sense of trust she has built with clients over the years, in large part thanks to her ability not just to listen, but also to ask the right questions. For example, Gens used her prior experience working with healthcare providers to aid a high-profile brand navigate a challenging legal situation, and was instrumental in helping another large client weather a particularly challenging period. Throughout her career, she has regularly helped her accounts achieve year-over-year double digit organic growth.

“Julie is emblematic of the ability of under-40 executives to lead their professional lives holistically, concentrating not just on a narrow range of skills but on bringing the entire person into the work equation,” said Calcium founder and CEO Steven Michaelson. “She leads through a unique integration of the ‘head’ and the ‘heart,’ focusing strong analytical and strategic thinking onto client challenges while also ensuring that these ideas are grounded in everyday, human reality.”