During his five-year tenure at CMI/Compas, Justin Freid launched the company’s search, social and emerging media strategic practice, growing it from four people to a department of more than 100 employees. And today, the team represents approximately 25% of the agency’s business.

Driven, ambitious and naturally strategic, Freid has worked tirelessly to help pharma companies improve the way they use search and social channels to engage with patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. 

Freid has a background in both the agency and non-agency world. Before joining CMI/Compas, he worked at two tech startups, where he gained valuable leadership experience, helped build new technologies and developed his SEM and SEO skills. Since joining CMI/Compas in 2013, he spent time in “sales engineer” roles, which gave him the technical foundation he needed to support sales processes for complex products. 

The way Freid sees it, an integral part of his job at CMI/Compas is to help the company give back. He actively supports all of the company’s philanthropy efforts, including the CMI/Compas Wish initiative that provides coats and toys to local families in need during the holidays, as well as mentorship and resources for high school kids in inner-city Philadelphia.