As group president and managing partner at W2O, Kevin Johnson oversees analytics and works with executives to ensure the firm takes a digital, technology-enabled approach to serving clients.

Prior to his current position, Johnson was the president of Marketeching, which he founded in 2008 and was acquired by W2O in 2016. 

Initially conceived as a platform where clients could view and analyze engagements in real time, Marketeching evolved into a 25-person research and analytics firm with a specialization in analyzing social data. Marketeching’s success was largely built on Johnson’s innate understanding that culling valuable insights from social media data requires smart researchers in addition to cutting-edge technology.

Today, Johnson’s research team is comprised of linguists, sociologists, public health experts and digital strategists. Under his leadership, the group has developed multiple innovative programs, including a social listening tool that identifies where and how patients talk about particular rare diseases online. 

“Kevin is an exceptional partner and has brought new and creative ways to look at the social analytics world,” said Karishma Parikh, an associate director at Bristol Myers Squibb. 

“Before our paths crossed, I saw social insights and analytics in only one way. I knew we could get so much more from it, but Kevin brought that to light.”