Before joining the healthcare marketing industry, Mike Franke excelled in a completely different industry: video games. The first decade of his career was spent working with developers to create designing systems, cultivating an expertise in user experience and working with industry leaders at companies including Showtime, Marvel and Paramount. Following that, he spent some time working for the U.S. government. 

Since shifting gears to marketing, Franke has worked on a variety of accounts, from automotive to adult incontinence. He joined MicroMass Communications five years ago as an art director. In his current position as the agency’s associate creative director, he focuses on improving workflows, innovating the agency’s service offerings and driving user experience. 

A natural leader, Franke is a firm believer that true progress only occurs when departments collaborate and individual team members are recognized for their contributions. “Mike shines on his own but shares the spotlight with those who also bring big ideas,” said his colleague Ashley Jones, an associate creative director at MicroMass. “His talent and desire to grow people outweighs any ego, which is rare in a creative at his level.”

Added Laura Slipsky, a senior art director at the agency: “Mike is extremely generous with his time and knowledge, plus he’s incredibly friendly and approachable. This combination means he not only knows a lot, but he’s a great resource when you have any questions.”