Paul Ellis began his sales career working for Katz Media Group’s continental TV sales division. He soon transitioned to out-of-home advertising, working with agencies and clients on various ad formats, including billboards and transit.

In 2010, he joined Mesmerize Marketing. A member of the company’s point-of-care media division, Ellis worked with a wide range of pharmaceutical and health and wellness clients on out-of-home campaigns in doctors’ offices and pharmacies. 

At Mesmerize, his star has steadily risen. In 2015, Ellis was promoted to VP of sales. Three years later, when Mesmerize Marketing was acquired by Brite Media Group, Ellis became EVP. In the role, he oversees sales and business development for the new, joint company. Under Ellis’ leadership, POC media sales increased by more than 45% in 2019.

Ellis also launched Mesmerize’s community health division, which supports state, city and local health departments. In his time at the company, he’s worked with more than 30 government organizations on nearly 100 initiatives, including those focused on helping educate patients, caregivers and healthcare providers on topics such as HIV prevention, opioid awareness and childhood obesity. 

Today, he counts the New York State Department of Health and the Chicago Department of Health as clients, and continues to work with multicultural ad agencies on POC campaigns designed to reach underserved communities.