Best Single Professional Print Advertisement

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Best Single Professional Print Advertisement
Best Single Professional Print Advertisement

Recognizes creative excellence for a single print ad for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journal or periodical.

The CementBloc and Depomed

Gralise Pain Doll

Gralise treats post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN), i.e. pain from damaged nerves that follows the healing of shingles. It's the first and only oral once-a-day treatment that offers 24-hour pain control for the condition.

Given the number of big brand players and generic competitors in the market, The CementBloc noted Depomed would be challenged to grab the attention of neurologists, pain specialists and PCPs as it launched its novel product.

To support the launch, the agency conceived a memorable brand image—the “Gralise Pain Doll,” an image of a hand-sewn doll stuck with four red pins like a voodoo doll.

Before treatment the doll is shown in a rigid position with a pained expression. The tagline reads, “This is what a day spent dealing with PHN pain can look like.” After treatment, two pins have fallen away, and the doll is shown in a relaxed state in a lounge chair.

The creative concept and execution impressed judges.

“Refreshing icon—graphic, simple,” commented one.

Another praised the design and noted the ad will stand out for targeted HCPs.

“The character allows physicians to empathize with the patient because of the stabbing pain of the needles as well as realize that they have the control to remove those pins with Gralise,” the agency noted.

As of mid-March Gralise was on track with first-year sales growth goals. Brand recognition was up 47% in six months. Market research showed the message of 24-hour PHN control was associated with Gralise and the Pain Doll was recognized/associated with the brand.

Flashpoint Medica and Ethicon Endo-Surgery

Because so much is on the line

Judges loved this “compelling” and “memorable” ad, which introduced the Ethicon Endo-Surgery Solution for Sleeve Gastrectomy.

To illustrate leaks that can occur along endoscopic staple lines the agency used a swath of blue that's partly contained by staple lines and partly spilling down the page in drips.

“A great blend of clean print design with a dramatic demonstration of the benefit,” said one judge.

“Nice, clean, simple graphic really telegraphs the message,” a second judge commented.

The Finalists

• AbelsonTaylor and Eli Lilly—Forteo Ortho Journal Ad

• Blue Diesel and Endo -Pharmaceuticals—print ad

• Flashpoint Medica and Ethicon Endo-Surgery—Because so much is on the line

• H4B Chelsea and Alcon—AIR OPTIX AQUA Trade Ad: “It's time for an upgrade”

• The CementBloc and Depomed—Gralise Pain Doll

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