Flashpoint Medica

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Flashpoint Medica
Flashpoint Medica
158 W. 29th Street,
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-894-9750 · Fax:212-894-9751
Email: info@flashpointmedica.com · Web: www.flashpointmedica.com
Founded: 2005
Parent company: Omnicom, New York, N.Y.

Officers: Charlene Prounis, president; Helen Appelbaum, partner.

U.S. billings breakdown by media/source:

Alternative Media15.0%
Conventions/ exhibits15.0%
Direct marketing10.0%
Sales Materials15.0%

Healthcare accounts: Genentech: Herceptin (professional projects); UCB: Tussionex; Valera: Valstar; Integra: spinal fusion product; Noven: Vivelle-Dot projects; Forest: Faropenem projects.

Accounts gained (4): Valera, Integra, Noven, Forest.

Accounts lost (0):

Services: Flashpoint is a full-service professional agency that differentiates itself by focusing on and igniting critical moments for brands that drive change and growth — called flashpoints. Services include: advertising/promotion, brand development — from brand audit workshops to positioning/personality workshops, competitive claim assessments, prelaunch and launch message development, market research methodology recommendations to a full-service studio with interactive capabilities and more. Flashpoint has also pioneered a range of proprietary marketing approaches, which include Doctor/Patient Encounter (DPE ) programs, by which patients are motivated to initiate a productive dialogue with their doctor. A related approach, the Rep Sales Effectiveness program, helps increase the value of the sales rep to the doctor.
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