Interlink Healthcare Communications

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Interlink Healthcare Communications
Interlink Healthcare Communications
(IHC) Group of Companies
989 Lenox Drive, Suite 300
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Phone: 609-406-9600 · Fax:609-406-9046
Email: · Web:
Founded: 1996
Parent company: Interpublic Group, New York, N.Y.

Officers: Larry Iaquinto, president.

Healthcare accounts: Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc.; CapMed Personal Health Record; Bristol-Myers Squibb: Avalide, Avapro, Emsam, oncology; Enzon: Depocyte, Oncaspar; GE Healthcare: Adreview, Myoview, Omnipaque, Omniscan, Optison, Visipaque; Merck: Januvia, MK 523A/B; Merck Vaccines: herpes zoster vaccine; Novartis: Myfortic, Neoral, Sandostatin, Simulect, Zometa; Organon: NuvaRing; Pfizer: PF-3512676; sanofi-aventis: Avalide, Avapro.

Accounts gained (7): Merck: Januvia (medical education), MK524 A/B (medical education); Merck Vaccines: herpes zoster vaccine (medical education); Pfizer: PF-3512676 (promotional AOR); Enzon: Depocyte (promotional AOR), Oncaspar (promotional AOR); Organon: global.

Accounts lost (1): Bristol-Myers Squibb: Pravachol (patent expiration); Novartis: Gleevec (account resigned); Bayer Healthcare: BAY 43-9006 (lost).

Services: Full-service healthcare advertising and promotion agency with comprehensive scientific communications and medical education capabilities. Specific capabilities include global branding, affiliate communication, sales force promotion, professional advertising, DTC/DTP, e-solutions, interactive media, video production, sales meetings, exhibit design/convention activities, advocate development, publication planning, speakers’ bureaus, patient education.

Divisions: Interlink Healthcare Communications, IneXel Medical Strategy and Communications.
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