JUICE Pharma Advertising

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JUICE Pharma Advertising
JUICE Pharma Advertising
322 8th Avenue, 10th Floor,
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-367-2411 · Fax:212-367-1594
Email: kwallander@juicepharma.com · Web: www.juicepharma.com
Founded: 2002

Officers: Managing partners: Lois Moran, president; Lynn Macrone, EVP; Forrest King, EVP; officers: Howard Nagelberg, CFO; Jennifer Asselin, SVP; VPs: Roxana Bannach-Lin, Randy Goldstein, Laurie Harrington, Adam Kline, Juliana Mace, Joan Wildermuth.

Financial data:
Gross income$10.0+ mil$<10.0 mil
US Employees6030

Healthcare accounts: Merck & Co., Inc.: Singulair asthma and allergic rhinitis, Gardasil (U.S. and international); Zostavax (U.S. and international).

Accounts gained (3): Merck & Co., Inc.: Gardasil, Zostavax, and confidential consulting.

Accounts lost (0):

Services: JUICE Pharma provides the full array of physician promotional services. These services are manifested in both print and digital — in terms of film, video, flash, and tablet-PC technology. It is our belief that agencies of record in the future will need to provide this kind of array of capabilities to service their clients successfully.
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