Tomorrow, the world!” could well be CrowdPharm’s defining ethos and rallying cry. 

Starting small in 2017, the agency enjoyed a growth spurt in 2021 after snapping up Cross & Wild. In the wake of the unification, revenue spiked from $2 million in 2020 to $8.1 million in 2021. 

To hear partner Steve Bernstein tell it, CrowdPharm is thriving due in large part to a technology-based platform that draws on more than 4,400 vetted creative and strategy specialists located in all 50 states and around the world. “That’s how we get the expertise and talent for on-demand, flexible, cost-effective solutions,” Bernstein says.

Duly energized by the deal, CrowdPharm has upped its ambitions. “We do social, digital, B2B, conventions, branding, logo development, medical writing, medical strategy — you name it,” says managing director and partner Mike Myers.

CrowdPharm went from serving as AOR for no clients at the end of 2020 to 10 at the end of 2021, he adds. “We’re trying to manage our growth so we can retain our culture and stay true to our values and our model. Meanwhile, we’re working with some of the best talent around the world and getting to do awesome work for our clients.” 

The partners also note with pride that turnover hasn’t budged from zero since the agency launched. CrowdPharm recently added Alex Silverstein, who previously headed up his own programming company, as managing director and chief technology officer, a new position at the agency. It also poached Terrence Brown from Pivot Design to serve as VP of digital strategy.

“We’re making a considerable investment in technology, not just to drive our network but also for our clients’ needs,” Myers says.

On the client front, Myers describes last year’s launch of Enzyvant’s Rethymic, developed to treat a rare condition where an infant is born without a thymus, as “heartwarming.” With Rethymic, donor thymus tissue is implanted and new thymus cells start generating immediately, saving the child’s life.

Other launches engineered by CrowdPharm included Azurity’s Eprontia, a liquid medicine to treat seizures in those who have trouble swallowing pills, and Elanco’s Zorbium, for reducing postoperative pain in cats.

The arrival of the pandemic barely altered CrowdPharm’s MO, since the agency was designed from its inception to allow people to WFA — “work from anywhere,” natch. Still, the company put into place new activities to keep employees connected, such as moderated Zoom games (such as murder mysteries) and a recent cooking class where a Ukrainian woman made pierogies.

“For us, being on Zoom is our normal course of business,” Bernstein notes. 

And about that “Tomorrow, the world!” thing? Myers says the firm is “in 101 countries now and we’d like even more geographic reach.” Next year he hopes to secure a partnership in the Far East.

“We’ll be able to truly say that the sun never sets on the empire. We want to be able to work around the clock without having people stay up all night.”

. . .

Work from outside pharma you admire…

The new work from Vrbo, A Place for Together, featuring the singing of Kermit the Frog. What could be more welcoming than a Kermit song? The imagery reminds us of the emotional benefits of travel and being together, a message that is relevant and resonates very well today. It just might have jump-started the entire travel industry. — Bernstein