Welcome to the annual extravaganza that is MM&M’s Agency 100 issue, in which we rank and celebrate the 100-plus largest health and wellness marketing agencies in North America. 

As much as I’d like to tell you we’re coming to you live from Global HQ in the beating heart of glamorous Manhattan, that’s not the case. Like so much in our world the last three months, production has been disrupted, but we’ve adapted. As a result, we’re coming to you live from Mahwah, New Jersey; Stamford, Connecticut; Ronkonkoma, New York; and a bunch of other places across the metropolitan area. We’ve gotten used to our new reality and have learned that it’s possible to put out a beast of an issue while working virtually. I do miss my colleagues and the sort of quicksilver collaboration that happens during chance encounters in the hallways. Still, this issue shows how great ideas, rendered by talented people, can trump location.

And this is an issue all about talent and execution. Even with the seismic changes brought on by COVID-19, the state of medical marketing is strong, and from the sound of it, bound to get even stronger as the world comes to grips with the effects and aftershocks of a global health crisis. To hear many agency leaders tell it, plans for growth in 2020 remain unchecked and may even be more aggressive than they were in late February, as are plans for hiring. All of which is great news for the sector. And all of which makes this issue even more valuable to pharma, medical, and health and wellness marketers looking for agency partners. 

We began work on the 2020 issue almost as soon as we wrapped up the 2019 issue. Our goal was twofold: to produce a listing of the biggest agencies in the business, and to help marketers determine which of the hundreds of agencies are right for them. To that end, we asked agencies outright: What sets you apart from your competition? The answer for each Top 100 agency is listed on-page. We also asked each agency to submit an album cover that represents what the agency is all about. More than 90 agencies submitted covers, which you’ll see with each agency profile.

At a time when we hear such a steady drumbeat of bad news, and even the bad news about the glimmers of good news, it’s encouraging to know some things are headed in the right direction. Will it be easy? No. Will we get through this? Read our issue and see for yourself: The answer is a resounding and reassuring yes.