Back Talk

Did Congress just kill the Orphan Drug Act?

By allowing companies to claim a 50% tax credit for qualified clinical testing expenses, developing drugs for rare diseases became economically feasible for the first time.

We Save Lives While Our Critics Complain

In his first press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump insisted pharma was "getting away with murder" due to expensive drug prices.

Gottlieb Eyes Prices, Not Lives

It turns out the real goal is going after Washington's favorite whipping boy — high drug prices.

Who's Getting Rich in Healthcare?

Do you recall what President Trump tweeted right after Merck's Kenneth Frazier resigned from his American Manufacturing Council?

AI Drug Design Could Save Lives

AI complements what we in pharma have always done best — respond to medical needs quickly and find solutions.

Digital Healthcare: Is It For Real?

The coming digital revolution will change a lot of things, but I guarantee this: It won't replace the importance of the patient-physician relationship.

How Do Docs Learn About New Drugs? TV, Of Course

If asked, some will equivocate and say they get their facts from medical journals and from published studies, but never from those pesky misleading ads.

How to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Healthcare marketing has a head start in grooming women leaders. But it's by no means a fait accompli.

Who Needs a Gold Watch, Anyway?

Perhaps we should always bear in mind the need to periodically reinvigorate and reshape our careers.

Quitting Your Job: Dramatic Exit or Inappropriate?

Apologies to Paul Simon, but there must be 50 ways to leave your employer.