3 signs that your next campaign should be unbranded

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Do you need an unbranded campaign?
Do you need an unbranded campaign?

Can your brand benefit from an unbranded campaign?

After a recent perusal of physician journals, I was surprised to see the overwhelming number of unbranded campaigns (sometimes called disease awareness campaigns) out there. They are literally blanketing the books. It seems as though everyone is “going unbranded” these days.

The question is: should you be?

Unbranded campaigns are developed utilizing the same branding principles that are used in a branded campaign—only instead of promoting the benefits of your product, your focus is on changing a behavior.

Unbranded campaigns still need to have stopping power; they still need to be thought provoking; and most of all, they need to have a clear and effective message that can help shape the market for your brand.

So, how do you know if you need one? If you answer yes to any of these 3 questions, think about what unbranded promotion can do for your brand.

1. Are you the market leader?

If you own the majority of space in your category, chances are you stand to benefit the most from an unbranded campaign. Anything that raises awareness and gets people talking is going to steer activity your way.

2. Does the success of your brand depend on your customers' changing their behavior?

Sometimes the launch of a new product requires physicians to change what they are doing or adopt a new protocol. An unbranded campaign can show them why they should make a change. It can explain the need for change—a need that your brand can ultimately fulfill.

3. Is your disease category relatively unknown, under diagnosed, or under treated?

We know all too well that physicians are inundated with news on a daily basis. New diseases are discovered, treatment guidelines change…surely, physicians struggle to stay on top of it all.

A really powerful unbranded campaign can break through the clutter, get the physicians' attention, and drive changes in their behavior—often improving the care of patients affected by the disease.

As you work toward the launch of your brand, be sure to consider whether an unbranded campaign should be part of your strategy. If your brand's success requires a change in behavior, consider implementing an unbranded campaign.

Remember to keep the campaign thought provoking, give it stopping power, and make sure it conveys a clear and effective message. The same as you do for your branded campaign!

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