4 reasons your brand needs a scientific director

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Every brand needs a scientific director
Every brand needs a scientific director

When you don't have access to a scientific director, you run the risk of having people from other disciplines interpreting the scientific world through their own eyes, not those of the doctor.

Reason 1: A scientific director has the unique ability to:

  • Quickly assess a disease area
  • Evaluate clinical literature
  • Interpret unique elements of the product's MOA
  • Data mine CSRs/NDAs
  • Weed out extraneous non-essential information
  • Uncover distinctive unmet needs in a disease area
  • Focus on competitive advantages
  • Uncover gems to drive the strategic process
  • Clearly communicate findings

Reason 2: The scientific director should be able to transfer the findings and knowledge to the entire team working on your brand.

Think about the power of knowledge. When everyone, including the art directors, copywriters, account managers, and editors working on your launch know how your brand works and can describe the mechanism of action, you are sure to get top-quality launch materials.

Reason 3: The scientific director can help every member of the brand team to:

  • Clearly comprehend all supplied materials
  • Understand how to apply specific learnings from healthcare professionals and patients
  • Utilize only the best information that is appropriate for their specific discipline

Reason 4: When you don't have access to a scientific director, you run the risk of having highly skilled people from other disciplines seeing the scientific world through their eyes, not the doctor's eyes.

It's almost like having an electrician take care of a plumbing problem for you. The electrician might be able to fix the problem, but wouldn't you be more comfortable having the appropriate expert tackle the problem?

So, the next time you are evaluating who would best serve your brand's strategic interest, go with the scientific director, and continue to choose the electrician to put in your recessed lights.

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