The Top 50: Euro RSCG Life LM&P

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Euro RSCG Life LM&P is a great story right now, according to agency president David Paragamian. “Why? Because we are a legendary, 30-year-old agency and yet at the same time we are incredibly dynamic, with forward momentum,” he says. “There are other 30-year-old brands in this industry that are simply just 30-year-old brands and then there are 30-year-old brands that are leaning forward on the balls of their feet. That’s where LM&P is right now. The energy around here is unbelievable.”

The enthusiasm at LM&P has, among other things, translated into three new account wins during the last six months. In December 2006, current client Pfizer awarded the agency business for Xalatan, an ophthalmic drug used to treat intraocular pressure. Then, in February, Boston Scientific handed the agency work for its Taxus drug-eluting stent. In April, FemmePharma, a small company focused on women’s healthcare, handed LM&P a piece of business for an undisclosed product.

Although LM&P welcomes the new work, it realizes the importance of servicing its existing clients, which include Pfizer (five products), Wyeth (three vaccines)  and Talecris Biotherapeutics.
“We want to stay very close to all of our existing clients and truly be an indispensable partner to them,” Paragamian explains. “I tell all our account people that we want them to be on the client’s speed dial. Even if it’s not an advertising issue, per se, I really want that product director to be picking up the phone and calling our team. I think the most important thing we can do is to keep in mind that the client always comes first.”

Clients may be the priority at LM&P, but agency personnel are a close second. “I am extremely focused on doing the right thing for our people,” Paragamian says. “It may sometimes mean asking a client’s permission to move someone who has been on a piece of business for three years to some other piece of business. But if you do those things right, good things happen.”

One of those “good things” has been the addition of EVP, executive creative director Frank Cotugno. Cotugno worked for LM&P when the agency opened its doors but left to help launch Euro RSCG Life sister shop MetaMax. “I was lucky enough to bring him back in January,” Paragamian says.

Helping LM&P respond to marketing challenges is its ability to tap into resources from the Euro RSCG Life network’s consolidated marketing services group, Euro RSCG Life X2, which was formed in March. Euro RSCG Life X2 unifies former singular entities Euro RSCG Life Adrenaline, Interaction, Lightning Communications, Managed Edge and Medical Education to provide client solutions from a single company.

“Clients need a strategic, smart, marketing partner that is passionate about their branding, their communications and their advertising,” Paragamian says. “It’s not only about reaching the doctor with a sales aid through the rep anymore. It’s about connecting to the doctor and to patients in interesting new ways. There’s clearly a need for evolution and I am confident we are going to be part of that.”
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