AAFP launches $5 million ad campaign with new logo

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The American Academy of Family Physicians launched a new logo and tagline with a $5 million ad campaign aimed at bending the ears of business leaders and policymakers going into an election year in which healthcare is high on the agenda.

The campaign, set to run through November 2008, promotes the value of family physicians in the health system by advocating a patient-centered approach in which family physicians serve as “patient medical homes,” or hubs, coordinating care. The effort, featuring the tagline “Strong medicine for America,” broke last week with ads in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Magazine and broadcast ads will debut later this year. Creative for the campaign is being handled by Washington political consultancy GMMB, while PR is being handled in-house.

AAFP has scrapped the classical Staff of Aesculapius in its logo, swapping it for a serpentine torch meant to symbolize life, knowledge, principle and leadership, presenting the association as a progressive, forward-thinking organization.

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