Abbott, Merck, Pfizer raising the bar

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Abbott Labs stands out as a leader in marketing research, according to a panel discussion at CBI’s 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Market Research Summit in Philadelphia at the end of April.

“Their business analysts are very personable and you end up with a tight delivery,” said Peter Simpson, president, Segmedica.

 “They are great at integrating information into what they do daily,” added John Tapper, chief strategy officer, Ziment.

Merck was among the large companies given the thumbs-up by the panel. “Merck is a great example of a company getting, and implementing, strategies in the entire space,” said Meredith Abreu, VP at Manhattan Research. “They are very good at getting information out there.”

Pfizer also drew praise. “The brands act like smaller companies,” said Simpson, “so when you go in you are reporting it your way.”

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