AccentHealth expands menu of waiting room programming

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AccentHealth is launching nine condition-specific TV networks that it says will reach 13 million patients monthly in waiting rooms.

The company is launching networks focused on: diabetes; heart health; men's health; mental health; women's health; rheumatology; allergies; asthma; and GERD. The networks will join the company's four existing channels (The Diabetes Network, Silver Network, Ob/Gyn Network and Pediatric Network) featuring programming produced by CNN's medical unit and co-hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Robin Meade, along with EveryDay Health experts.

“The digital age allows us to refine health messaging,” said AccentHealth CEO Daniel Stone, “directing specific information to only the most relevant patients, providing the information they want, when and where they are eager to learn and can discuss it with their physicians.”
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