AMA stumps for health bill on YouTube

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The American Medical Association (AMA) reasserted its support for America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (H.R. 3200) in a YouTube video starring AMA president James Rohack, a cardiologist from Texas.

In the video, Rohack describes AMA's position as one that supports “pluralism, freedom of choice, freedom of practice and universal access for patients.” After a “thorough review of H.R. 3200,” the AMA announced its support for health reform legislation in the House.

Rohack goes on to name three specific points in the legislation: the provision of health insurance coverage for 97% of Americans, the elimination of coverage denials based on pre-existing conditions and the repeal of the Medicare physician payment formula.

Acknowledging that the “debate is far from over,” Rohack says AMA will push for medical liability reform from a place at the table, before signing off with a statement to physicians (“together we are stronger”) and patients (“we're working to make the healthcare system better for you”).
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