AstraZeneca adds live chat option to Nexium, Crestor sites

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Visitors to and can now hit a “click to chat” button to chat with a live AstraZeneca customer service rep.

The feature, which can be accessed through the sites' "Contact us” pages, will be operated by the same nurses, pharmacists and customer service reps that handle customer calls, and as with calls, will be available weekdays from 8 am-6 pm. Those clicking during off-hours will get a popup box advising them that no reps are available and that they can try back during regular business hours.

“AstraZeneca understands that our consumers want flexibility, especially when it comes to health information,” said senior director, AstraZeneca Information Center Donna Holder. “This new resource enables consumers to have easier access to the information they seek through the convenience of a real-time online channel.”

The company is one of the first in the sector to use click-to-chat, said Don Keane, VP marketing and product strategy for Angel, which offers chat and Interactive Voice Response programs. AstraZeneca launched a “Call Me Now” feature on the sites in October, giving visitors the option to skip telephone prompts, recordings and waiting on hold and instead receive an immediate phone call from a live rep.
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