"Best-of" algorithm brings curation to Diabetes Nest

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Healthcare marketer Ignite Health announced a new iteration of the Diabetes Nest Twitter feed. Experience architect Jeremy Franz told MM&M the initial iteration was “basically a directory of trusted sources of diabetes information,” whereas this latest version brings the most-talked about information higher up in the feed. The new version is also optimized for tablets and mobile users.

The selected content consists of what amounts two a two-step filter: the feed has a set of five caretakers who are considered key opinion leaders in the online diabetes community, and the new algorithm culls the caretaker's posts and homes in on the ones that rank among the top re-tweeted or shared items. These high-ranking posts are the ones that make it into the Diabetes Nest feed.

Franz said that although the idea of retweeting popular content is a regular part of the social media space, marrying the idea of bringing popular conversations to the surface with the added curation filter is unique. He also said the intent is to bring up traffic to the levels the feed had when it launched in 2009.

This is not to say all tweets will be about adherence and glucose levels.

"One person could have some personal news and that's the most popular conversation that day . . . it's really just tapping into what matters to most of them on any given day in any given time period,” Franz said.

Roche Diabetes Care is among the feed's sponsors, along with Six Until Me, Scott's Diabetes and others. Franz said Roche helped mold the newest version by providing feedback as it was developed. The company's site, Accu-Chek Link, has the Diabetes Nest updates embedded along its right rail.

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