Cegedim seeks deeper US coverage

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French marketing research giant Cegedim Strategic Data, which gained a US foothold by buying Dendrite International this year, entered an agreement with another US researcher.

The pact with Surveillance Data Inc. is a bid to broaden the firms' reach in longitudinal patient data (LPD) research. The two said they will be able to leverage each other for multinational, anonymized LPD studies using standardized reporting and measurement.

In addition to France, CSD has LPD product coverage in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. SDI, which specializes in localized illness tracking and modeling data, has US coverage.

LPD, a technique based primarily on secondary data sources, is growing in importance to marketing researchers. Its real value comes when integrated with prescriber data. CSD says it has the ability to merge its primary market research data, including audited promotional data from GPs and specialists, with the LPD studies.  

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