Company news: Janssen, Dendreon, Adobe

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The FDA has approved Janssen's blood thinner Xarelto to treat deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The company said in a statement that these new indications give Xarelto the “broadest profile of any of the  new oral anticoagulants in the US market.” The FDA's approval is for twice-a-day treatments of 15 mg for three weeks, followed by a daily 20mg dose for the remaining period.

HealthTap is adding a grading system to its health site, reported MobiHealthNews. The new system lets consumers rate physicians on behaviors like bedside manner and empathy. HealthTap's CEO said in a company statement that the new rating system is about transparency and provides a “meritocratic alternative to all the doctor reviews out there that are based on non-qualitative factors.”

Dendreon's third- quarter results were more of the same: losses. The company announced Friday that although sales rose 26% to $78 million, compared to $62 million for the same period last year, it ended up widening the net loss to $155 million, compared to $147 million for the same period last year. The company has been suffering major setbacks, including a migrating sales force and laying off 600 employees, which it announced during its second quarter earnings call. Credit Suisse analyst Lee Kalowski wrote in his Monday research note that the third quarter results weren't surprising and noted that Dendreon's best-case scenario for 2013 is that results will be flat, and that's “if things go right.” Kalowski wrote the company looks like it is stabilizing, but its challenges include hanging onto its sales force while things shake out and competitors, like Algeta, seek talent.

A March 2012 survey from Adobe found that for all the focus companies are putting into Apple-friendly services, they may be missing an opportunity, because their findings indicate that Android devices are far more popular than iPhones, garnering 51% of polled users, compared  to iPhones which were popular among 38% of the polled users. Adobe also found that Androids were even more popular among younger users than iPhones. The 2012 Mobile Consumer Survey also found that users who have smartphones and tablets rely on their phones more often, but anticipated a swift turnaround in 2013 and estimated that more than 10% of site visits will come from tablets by 2014.
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