Company news: Sudler & Hennessey, Merck, WebMD and Fitbit

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Sudler & Hennessey's co-CEO of the Americas, Rob Rogers, has been tasked with clearing some desk space. The marketing and communications firm announced Monday that the exec has been tapped to receive the 2012 CLIO Healthcare Lifetime Achievement Award. Rogers, who was nominated by more than 120 peers and selected by 45 judges will receive the award at the 4th annual CLIO Healthcare Awards on November 13 in New York. Sudler chair and CEO Jed Beitler will present his colleague with the award. “The leading creatives voted Rob as the runway winner, and ultimate creative and craftsman, who as created a lifetime of legacy work...this award is granted to those who are at the peak of their career, not at the end of it,” the director of the Clio Awards, Karl Vontz, said in a statement.

The non-profit American Legislative Exchange Council, known by the shorthand ALEC, has lost Merck's support, reported The group is known for its anti-regulation stance and overturning healthcare reform is among its task forces'  priorities. Merck's membership will end with 2012, and noted that Johnson & Johnson left the organization in June.

WebMD launched a free app to help patients with chronic pain. The WebMD Pain Coach can offer 588 physician-approved tips, 25 videos, 379 articles and 21 slideshows, in addition to a tool that helps patients set goals and track their pain and their progress. The app also gives patients a chance to create a journal they can share with their doctor that can help identify daily activities and their pain state and possible triggers, as well as the option to receive a tip every day. The app's information was designed for patients with back pain, fibromyalgia, migraine and osteoarthritis, among other conditions.

Activity-tracking company Fitbit has launched two more lifestyle monitoring devices, reported Mobihealth. The new iterations include the 24-hour One tracker that provides activity feedback – with suggestions like take the stairs instead of the elevator – as well as tracks sleep patterns. The company also released the button-free Zip that tracks steps, distance and burned calories. Both share activity data via Bluetooth tech. Mobihealth noted that One replaces the Ultra which launched last year.
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